Brunch at KOI Kemang ☆ Private Room

I organized a very intimate celebration in a private room on the second floor of KOI Kemang for my husband’s birthday last year in 2011. He loves to have Sunday brunch, so I thought that he might enjoy having brunch at one of our favorite restaurants, KOI Kemang, and spend the time with some close friends.

I discussed the menu with the KOI staff in advance and picked four or five dishes (sorry, it’s been over a year) for the day and emailed the invitees to let them know the choices and then asked them to write me back with their picks. For children, I selected several dishes they might like and they shared the dishes. I placed an order for everyone around the time everyone got to the room. This way everyone was served at the same time, they didn’t have to wait for a long time for the dishes to be made and it didn’t cause any confusion. I was allowed to bring in a cake for my husband and we sang a birthday song without making my husband feel embarrassed too much. There were a few minor corrections that needed to be made, but other than that, everything went as planned thanks to the preparation and communication in advance.

I took a movie from home and used a DVD player to show a movie on the TV in the room for the children to be entertained after they had finished their dishes. That made it very easy for us adults. The room on the second floor of KOI Kemang made us feel like we were at someone’s home except we didn’t have to clean up afterwards. It was nice. There is no charge for the room and all I had to do was to order food for everyone. I didn’t get to do much for my husband this year as we had a newborn. Now this got me thinking what I should do next year…

All the photos in this post were taken with a Canon PowerShot IS 3S, which is the camera I used before I got my current camera, which is Canon EOS Rebel T3.

I apologize that I have no photos of the food as I was quite busy trying to make sure that everything would go well. That’s just how I am.

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