Friday Finds ☆ BIRDCAGE Restaurant & Bar, Jakarta, Indonesia

I had a chance to go to Birdcage in Jakarta twice within a week. It is a very cool hip restaurant and bar that looks like a house and the restaurant and bar are on the second floor. The restaurant has a neat retro decor mixed with a modern natural interior design and its big windows let in soft sunlight. It was one of those places I have spotted many times in Jakarta when riding a taxi and always wondered what it was.

The first time I visited Birdcage in South Jakartawas with my girl friend, Nikki. I met Nikki at the end of last year. I gave her my card (I have a card now! Maybe a post sometime?), which is very common here. She kindly emailed me and we started talking about having lunch together. She suggested several places including Birdcage. I didn’t realize it was the place I’ve always glanced from a taxi until the day we had lunch there, but I looked up the restaurant and found Birdcage’s facebook page and also my blogger friend, The Diplomatic Wife’s post with her beautiful photos she took when she went to Birdcage for drinks at night. Needless to say, they made me want to go to Birdcage.

I enjoyed having lunch with Nikki at the cozy table at Birdcage and getting to know her. She’s a very sweet person and has a baby girl. We had a lot of fun talking about living overseas, life in Jakarta, raising a child(ren) abroad, having a girl, etc. I was thankful to have met someone so nice like her.

Jakarta has a huge expat community. I have no idea how many foreigners live in Jakarta or how many countries are represented, but you can make a mini UN, I’m sure! The size of the expat community here gives you many opportunities to meet people, but at the same time it makes it easy to be superficial about meeting people and I feel that unless you go an extra length, you don’t get to really know people and be friends.

I had a Panini with tomato, pesto and mozzarella cheese. It was tasty and my second daughter loved their french fries. Nikki had Wagyu Panini Sandwich, which looked very good.

The second time I went was with another girl friend of mine, Melany. She’s a jewelry designer and has a store on Etsy called ChaseMeDesign. She always has cute stuff on her that she purchased from Etsy. I admire those people who are crafty. We had fun catching up after a long winter break. She is also the one who inspired me to be part of Indonesian Heritage Society and she herself is very active within her group.

I enjoyed the food and I went there for the second time in a week, so obviously I like this place and I know that I will go back. This is a place I want to go back for their relaxing ambiance and enjoy the time in a stylish space. If you live in Jakarta, this is one of the places you will enjoy checking out!

These are the photos of the first floor of the Birdcage Building. I am thinking about making a post about the clothing store of Birdcage next Wednesday for my Wednesday Wall2Wall column as I think that their interior decoration is very interesting as well as the products they sell. I hope you’ll come back to check it out!

Store Information
Jl.Wijaya 13, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta, Indonesia 12160
Tel: 739 2430


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    Don’t you just love their paninis? Yummmm! Thanks for mentioning me by the way =) I am glad you loved it! I’ve never been there during the day… but I can see that it’s lovely from your pics! We should set up lunch there soon?

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    Thanks for writing about this place, looks like a good place to hang out. Shouldn’t read food post when I am hungry especially one that features such great pictures *salivating* going to grab some food now 😉

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    Your photos of that panini are making me very hungry :) Lovely post too. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on expats sharing a ‘luncheon’ together – such food for thought! Have a lovely weekend…

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    Hi Kaho,
    Thank you so much for your lovely email and your encouraging words. So lovely of you.
    I have just had a quick look through your blog and it is just gorgeous and very inspiring. I’m going to spend some relaxing time going through your blog closer tomorrow.
    Nice to meet you xx

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    I need to have those wooden tables and chairs stats!

    If I haven’t told you, I love your posts about Jakarta – bring me back home and keeping me up-to-date with what’s happening from a very unique point of view!

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    good news, now birdcage open for breakfast from 8 am
    they have great music every wednesday from 8 pm to 11 ish
    great acoustic duo u will loveeee them
    follow @birdcageresto on twitter for more info : )


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