Attending Wedding Ceremony With My Almost 4-Year-Old

This photo above is the beginning of my challenge with my 4-year-old at my husband’s coworker’s wedding ceremony. The ceremony has already proceeded.

My older one was in the ceremony. She was a ring bearer with another boy. They had to sit in the front at the beginning of the ceremony.

My second one wanted her sister to turn back.

The priest is reading.

My daughter in whisper voice: “Sister! Sister!”


I am so silly!

Hello, World! (She likes to say this.)

Smell my stinky shoe!

As I snap shots of the bride and the groom,

the next thing

I noticed


my camera was blocked.

She goes,

“Can I see my picture?”

Oh, gosh…

How monkey of you…

At this point, I was like

“do whatever you need to do to entertain yourself.”

Maybe the last 20-30 minutes of the ceremony, I took her to outside.

Then we walked back in.

This is the last photo I took of her during the ceremony. We were at the back row of the chapel.

I’m trying to be encouraging.

“It’s almost over. Hang in there.”

It was such a relief when the ceremony was over. It was beautiful even though I only had a chance to listen half the time.

I felt like I was taming my monkey at a chapel.

In retrospect, it wasn’t too bad.


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    大変ご無沙汰しております☆swincoです。先日クマンに住むお友達のMさんから『KAHORIさんという方にカフェでお会いしたの』という話を聞きまして、すぐにかほりさんだと分かりました。久々にブログにお邪魔して、やっぱり心豊かな生活をされているんだなぁ。と刺激を受けました♡ お腹にベビたんがいらっしゃるんですね。おめでとうございます!マヨスティックでオーダーされたマキシマムワンピ、すごく素敵です☆お腹を見つめるショットも♡ お子さんの写真から母の愛情がたーぷり伝わります。お嬢さん、なんておちゃめなんでしょう♬私は、今年の夏に帰国してしまいますので、引き続き爆走しております。何処かで私もお目にかかる日が来る事を楽しみにしています。

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