Haji Lane & Arab Street ☆ Singapore

One weekend before we left Singapore, we explored Arab Street and Haji Lane. I wish we went there earlier during our stay because it was so much fun!!

We got on a taxi and asked our driver to take us to Arab Street. I didn’t do much research prior to our visit. The taxi driver asked whether we wanted to be dropped off at Haji Lane or Arab Street and we asked what he recommended. He suggested Haji Lane and dropped us off in the corner of Haji Lane and Beach Rd.

Haji Lane4

Haji Lane

Haji Lane Arab Street Singapore

When I lived in Singapore many years ago, Haji Lane did not have today’s look. This street hosts many cool shops that tickled my curiosity and if I was there alone and had as much time as I wanted to spend there, I would’ve stayed there all day peeking in and stopping by every single store and shopped. I love the shops on Haji Lane!!

Haji lane6

Haji Lane Arab Street Singapore1

Haji Lane8

Haji Lane9

We walked on Haji Lane from Beach Road to North Bridge Road. We took a right and the next street was Arab Street.

Arab Street11

Arab Street12

There are many fabric stores as well as carpet stores on Arab Street.

We walked from the North Bridge Road end on Arab Street to the Beach Road and spotted this Swedish Cafe and Bistro, Fika, in the corner of Arab Street and Beach Road, that looked adorable. I could not help peeking in. The interior looked absolutely adorable and if we were walking around much earlier during the day, I would’ve had some tea and snack there or if I ever go back to visit Arab Street in Singapore, I will definitely try to Fika. Fika was packed with the customers I assumed were local which is always a good sign and I was very tempted, but we saved our empty stomach for Middle Eastern Food.

Fika Cafe Singapore 2

Fika Cafe Singapore

Click here to check out Fika’s beautiful website.
Fika Facebook

Then we walked back a block on Arab Street towards North Bridge Road and turned right to go to Bussora Street where it looked like a street filled with restaurants.

Arab Street17

Arab Street16

Bussora St

There were restaurants everywhere. I wish we researched places to eat, but we didn’t, so we had to pick a place based on our guesses. We first wanted to go to Alaturka, a Turkish restaurant on Bussora Street, because it looked nice from outside and it seemed like it was popular. Unfortunately it was fully booked and without a reservation, we could not get a table on a Saturday night. Had I known!

Arab Street23

Arab Street24

So we walked over to a Lebanese restaurant, Beirut, on the same Bussorah Street.

Beirut Lebanese Singapore

Beirut Lebanese Singapore2

Beirut Lebanese Singapore3

Beirut Lebanese Singapore4

Beirut Lebanese Singapore5

The food was fine and we enjoyed our meal, but the value for the price wasn’t high enough for us to say we’d go back if we visit Singapore. Maybe it’s different if we lived in Singapore. I am curious and would like to try out Alaturka or some other places if we go back to Bussora Street.

It was really nice to be able to sit outside and eat though. We don’t get to do this often in Jakarta and even if we could, it would not be as pleasant in Jakarta as it was in Singapore.

As we dined at Beirut, the night veiled the town and it was time for us to go home to put our kids in bed.

Arab Street28

Arab Street29

I loved visiting the Arab Street area. If you travel to Singapore, I highly recommend you explore Arab Street.

Arab Street & Haji Lane
Area Map


  1. says

    so clean and love the cafes and shops along the sidewalks! So much has changed there since I last vacationed :)
    Your bub’s getting cuter, more pics soon i hope :)

    • says

      Elaine, thank you!! I agree. I love love love the cafes and shops along the sidewalks. I wish Jakarta would have streets like that, but so far, none. The roads are too narrow and the city seems too crowded. Our bub’s getting bigger. I have to show you his recent photos because he’s gotten so much chubbier!

  2. saori says

    アラブストリート、帰る前にいったんだね!楽しかったでしょ〜♪ 私もアラブストリート大好き♪♪♪ ふらふらと買い物するのにいいし、裏のHaji Laneは、オーチャードなんか行くより買い物しやすかったりするよね! ここも一緒に行きたかったな〜。でも行けなくて残念。 でもかほりさんは最後に行けて良かったです♪

    • says

      ありがとう〜!さおりさんと一緒に行けたら楽しかっただろうな〜!!って思ったよ!確かに、Haji Laneは、絶対買い物し甲斐がある。プレゼントを買いに行きたい!と思った店もあったよ。最後に行けてよかった〜!さおりさんが紹介紹介してくれたお陰なんだよー。そうでなければ、あまり行く事を考えなかったかも。ありがとう!!

  3. says

    I visited Singapore many countless times but never cross my mind to visit this Arab street and the surrounding area. because of your writing, I feel an urge my next visit to my fave country I will sure will drop by that area. Is it child friendly place? just curious, as I got little daughter with me almost all the time :).

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