Where To Make Name Cards In Jakarta, Indonesia

I promised my friend that I would post this on Thursday, today. Sorry, I’m late!

After we moved to Indonesia, I have noticed from the beginning that people often hand you their name cards when you exchange contacts after meeting them for the first time. I like this culture because name card definitely leaves you with a stronger impression than a piece of paper that they tore from something with a scribble of their email address and phone numbers.

I made my name cards mainly because when I ask for a permission to take photos inside of a restaurant, store or wherever I’m interested in featuring on my blog, I would like to give out my card to show the address of my blog where the photos will be published. You also never know who will be your new reader, right?

I ended up printing my name cards at Office 2000 where one of my friends recommended. I first went to Adorama in Kemang. They use Photoshop to design and the person who was helping me only had very basic techniques which didn’t allow me to do much and it was way too technical for me to help him, so I gave up. I saw a lot of professional card samples at Adorama, so I think Adorama might be a better fit for printing business cards rather than personal cards.

Across the hallway from Adorama was Office 2000. I headed there and saw a ton of personal card samples. I just browsed samples and picked a type of paper, font, and color of the letters and wrote down what to print on my cards. It was simple and easy. I printed 100 cards for Rp. 125,000 (about US$13).

I used Office 2000 in Kemang, but there are many other Office 2000 locations. Please click here for more store locations in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Office 2000 Kemang
Ground fl unit #107
Jl. Kemang Raya no. 17, Jakarta 12730
Phone: 021-021-7191147

Inside the same Adorama building, there is a good Thai restaurant called “Tamnak Thai“. Their Tom Yum Soup is delicious!


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    Very nice cards, Kaho. I just had a meeting with the person from the printing company today, and can’t wait to have one soon & do card exchange with you!

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    I absolutely agree that just a little piece of paper carries a lot of you!!
    And I absolutely love yours! Of course it’s in beautiful summer color :-)
    I’ll show you mine when you come to Japan this summer!

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    Hi Kaho, super nice cards! I am getting mine at the beginning of next week… I agree that it looks a lot more pro to hand a card rather than a piece of paper. But I remember it being very common in Japan too 😉
    I was so impressed to meet people (just for fun) and get a name card – beautifully and tastefully designed as usual. I am always so inspired by the attention to details of Japanese people!

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    No biggie it’s perfect timing because when I arrived yesterday I was too tired to go to Office 2000 as planned. So today’s the day!

    The cards are very cute and reflect your personality Kaho! I hope I find a design that reflects mine too! =) Thanks for sharing!

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    Hey Kaho, unfortunately for me they raised prices! From 125,000/100pcs it’s now 200,000… oh well! I ended up ordering a set anyway. Hope it turns out well. I also checked out Adorama and they had super cute whimsical designs for so much less! You can get a set for 60,000 so I ordered a set for my baked goodies which I am not calling “Just Desserts.” They actually had cuter designs but didn’t have the raised or embossed kind I was looking for for my personal/blog name cards. Will post pics when i get em!

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      You know what? I forgot to mention that I went cheap and didn’t add any extra! My paper is the basic (just white) and thus cheapest. 😛 I saw a few cute paper prints at Adorama, but they didn’t go so well with the theme of my blog, so I gave up. I would’ve used them if I knew how to maneuver Photoshop… Can’t wait to see yours!


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