Weekend etc.

This past weekend was a lot of fun. We went to a school event on Saturday with my kids’ friends and a birthday party on Sunday. You can probably tell from this post and another post from the past that bungee-jump is very popular in Jakarta. My daughter screamed when she got on for the first time, but this time she was fine and had a huge smile on her face. I secretly want to try this, but this is for kids and I’m afraid my weight is not within the limit! Darn! It was a hot day and I had to take a nap after I got home in the afternoon. I can understand why the word “siesta” exists in certain parts of the world. I think you really need to rest your body during the day when you live in a hot climate.

Saturday went by fast. I had dinner-out with friends at an Italian restaurant in Kemang, Jakarta on Saturday night. It was awesome, but I forgot to take my camera!! Grrrr! Thus no photos, but it gave me a reason to go back although I think I would go back even without this reason to take photos as I liked it a lot. I asked my household help to watch the girls that night, so it was sans kids. It is so nice to have an uninterrupted conversation again. I felt a bit guilty to go out as it was my first night to leave my kids with someone else besides my hubby in a long time. I’m not used to this. I missed my kids, but I had a blast and glad I’ve got to spend a night with friends without kids, but I feel so conflicted!

Here are the photos my second child took. I feel weird posting my photos, but I like to remember what I owned and wore, so documenting that might not be too bad.

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