Wednesday Wardrobe ☆ Dresses and T-Shirt

dress: Batik dress made by HAPSARI purchased at Pasaraya

In case you are not familiar with batik from Indonesia, it is cloth dyed in a traditional dying technique using wax. I like the design of this dress and thought that the pattern was cute for kids. I like promoting local products.

Sleepy Eyes…
shirt: Liberty of London at Target, shorts: Mossimo Co. at Target
I love Liberty of London. When I was in Virginia I always looked for their products at Target. Liberty of London also has home products. You can see other products in our kids room here.

dress: genuine kids at Target

shirt: genuine kids at Target, dress: genuine kids at Target
I layered this dress with a gray shirt as I felt that this dress exposes her skin a little too much to mosquitos.

I am a bit behind my schedule today. My first daughter had a birthday yesterday and even though I didn’t have a birthday party for her, I was exhausted by the end of the day. Having two kids’ birthdays within two days is really tough and that being right before Thanksgiving doesn’t help… Anyways, I have another post to do today. You’ll see it later…


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    I looove that first dress, it’s SO cute on her. and your streets of jakarta pics are so interesting! i love seeing what is going on in the streets of cities I visit, I think it’s the most exciting part! When we went to rome we just rode around on one of those tourist buses on the second story and just looked at everything – it was so fun :)


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