Wednesday Wardrobe

shirt: S-Line Women’s Clothing purchased at Gossip on 23rd, necklace: Banana Republic

necklace: H&M

earrings: Bay Window in Rockport, Texas

necklace: Old Navy, earrings: stella & dot (gift)

earrings & necklace: gift

Aren’t those owl necklace cute? My friend gave me the necklace and earrings and they go well with a lot of outfits. I love this shirt. It’s not in a summer color, which is the group of colors I usually try to buy because I’m a summer color person according to the color analysis. This is actually a winter color, but my friend, Yumi, who did a color analysis on me, told me that this shirt could work because of the material. Summer color people look good in sheer materials. I usually look awful in winter colors, so I pretty much got rid of all my winter color clothes. I didn’t have that many to begin with since come to think of it, those colors never looked good on me anyways and I wasn’t wearing them because of that reason. When Yumi did a color analysis on me and told me the winter colors are the worst for me, the light bulb turned on. Since I still love this shirt, I’m happy that I could wear it. By the way my friend, Yumi, has a business as a color analyst in Tokyo, Yumi Color Studio. If you are interested in having our color analysis done in Tokyo, I highly recommend her. Of course I have motive as a friend to promote her business, but that aside, I can say that she’s got a talent and passion for it. Here is her blog.

shirt: T.J.Maxx
purse (left): H&M, purse (right): COMME CA DU MODE
T.J.Maxx and Marshalls are always fun to go to if you have the time to invest in digging out the jewels. I at least need an hour for me to shop there. I miss the random encounters of cute or pretty items.

sandals: VIA UNO METRO Department Store in Pacific Place in Jakarta

Via Uno even has a blog. Click here for their blog.

My husband and I took our kids to Pacific Place last week to see a movie and since we had some time until the movie starts, we went for window shopping. I walked into Metro Department Store and saw a shoe section. I wasn’t looking for shoes, but then I wanted to see what they had and found out that they were having sales. Some brands had between 40% and 70% discount. That is too good to pass. I live for sales. So, I started browsing. I have been wanting a pair of high heels shoes with the style that are popular right now. I fell in love with these. It always happens that I run into a pair of shoes or sandals with good prices when I am not intentionally looking for them.

sandals: evb in Senayan City Floor 2 #103

I was walking in Senayan City, one of the major shopping malls in Jakarta, and spotted sales sign at this store “evb”. I tried to find a website to link, but I wasn’t successful. I saw some sandals with pretty good prices on, so I tried them on and I picked these up since I thought that these were cute. I wore these on Halloween along with Yoko Ono outfit.

I really enjoy doing fashion posts although compared to other fashion bloggers, my photos are kind of crappy and there are so many other better fashion bloggers. Frankly it’s intimidating and embarrassing to put myself out there. I want to get better at this. Please feel free to put your comment and advice about my Wednesday Wardrobe posts. My blogger friend, Marie with Etincelle Creative Studio, told me that her favorite and a very well-known professional fashion blogger, the cherry blossom girl, has taken her own photos and that gave me a big motivation. I was very inspired. Now I follow the cherry blossom girl blog. Any advice is welcome. I hope you like this post…


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    Thank you, thank you, thank you for advertising my site! I haven’t had the chance to really finish it up yet, but I will do it very soon. The blog won’t be as nice and sophisticated as yours but I’ll try posting something very simple every month or so.
    And I also love your TJMax shirt!!! You look gorgeous!!! さすがサマーさんね☆

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    I enjoy your wardrobe posts a lot Kaho – you really inspire me to go through my own wardrobe and have a good cull of things that are no longer stylish and that I no longer wear and to go and buy some nice new lovely outfits like yours. I really love your style and I don’t care that you’re not a ‘famous fashion blogger’ – I much prefer getting fashion tips and inspiration from my friend Kaho as your taste is definitely similar to mine xx

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