Wednesday Wardrobe ☆ Style For Girly Girls

{Pink & Puppy & Preppy}

skirt: Cherokee at Target, shirt: Circo at Target, shoes: puma,

I asked her to show me the same face that the dog on her T-shirt has. This is her dog face.

{Simple Brown & White}

shirt: OLD NAVY, skirt: unknown

{Colorful Flowers}

Off to school!
dress: genuinekids from OSHKOSH, leggings: OLD NAVY

{White and Blue}

shirt: OLD NAVY, skirt: baby gap

{Fluffy Eggplant}

skirt: gap baby, shirt: genuinekids from OSHKOSH at Target

{Halter Top Is What We Like}

yellow halter top shirt: MOSSIMO SUPPLY CO. at Target, white shorts: CIRCO at Target, pink halter top: genuinekids from OSHKOSH at Target, green bermuda pants: Cherokee at Target, sneakers: Target, pink sandals: OLD NAVY

On a completely different note, can I say something about the exciting event in Jakarta? President Obama arrived in Indonesia 39 years after he left the country! Indonesians I’ve spoken with are very excited about his and Michelle Obama’s visit to Indonesia. I am, too!! News report says that his visit might be shortened because of the volcanic ash making air travel in the region more difficult. That’s too bad… What a timing! I hope to see where he spent his youth in Jakarta some day.


  1. says

    The girls are as fashionable and stylish as you are!! Do they ever say against what you chose?
    Do you get to take pictures with President Obama? He’s coming to Yokohama soon for APEC, but he’s not coming to Tokyo… therefore we’ll miss the chance to see him…

  2. says

    Love the outfits. Both of your daughters are always so stylish, you and them have an eye for fashion, you don’t even need expensive labels. You really know how to make the outfits work! I love the photo of both of them as if the younger sister is following her bigger sister.

    Obama lived in Jakarta? how cool! ( I guess I wasn’t aware of that).
    when I hear about volcanos in Indonesia I always worry and think of you Kaho and your family.

    My older sister was able to see Obama and Oprah in Cedar Rapids, Iowa ( it was very cool, she said)..

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