Wednesday Wardrobe ☆ Necklace or Without

dress:ZARA, jeans: OLD NAVY, necklace: Chic Mart, bracelet: gift, sandals: Payless
dress: OLD NAVY, sweater: gossip, necklace: Chic Mart, sandals: Payless

shirt: a store in ITC Permata Hijau, necklace: Target, Belt: NINE WEST
shirt: a store in ITC Permata Hijau, necklace: from friend, belt: NINE WEST

dress: ZARA, sandals: Target

I love simple designs and accessorize them with jewelry. I recently bought this necklace at Chic Mart since I was looking for something blue to go with my white dress and tunic. I like the combination. What do you think?

I have discovered ITC (International Trade Center) Permata Hijau thanks to my neighbor. It is like a factory outlet and you have to dig through stuff to find items you want. In my opinion, it’s a mall version of T.J.Maxx or Marshalls. You have to invest your time in finding stuff and if you know the shops you like, it makes your shopping easier. I plan on writing about ITC sometime in the future. I bought the dress at one store on the 3rd floor that I like. I like what the store owner picks for her store. This dress was only Rp. 110,000 (About $13).

I bought the last dress at ZARA in Texas right before we came to Indonesia. I’m a huge ZARA fan in case you didn’t know. I’m so glad we have ZARA in Jakarta. Only if we had H&M, my life would’ve been even better here. I love this purple ZARA dress. It is perfect for going out and when I want to look a little dressed up.


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    CHO KAWAII!! I relally love your style, Kaho.

    I love zara, but there is only one in Bay Area…and it’s quite a pain to get to. Lucky you, pretty much most malls in JKT carries the store. We also don’t have Top Shop here.

    I do however, have H&M within easy reach. Should we swap some times?

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    It’s great to see you so fashionable and stylish in affordable clothes/accessaries. But you definitely look like one of those fashion models wearing impossibly expensive dresses!!

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    Dear Kaho,

    OMG I love Chic Mart too! I am just about to write a post about the loot the just got from them last week! Anyway thanks for all your comments on my blog! And I think we are neighbors LOL!

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    I wish we had Zara here in Australia as I love all their pieces you share with us, especially the dress in the last shot (that colour suits you so well!!). You’ll have to come for a holiday to Australia so you can come clothes shopping with me :)

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