Wednesday Wardrobe ☆ Melange

dress: body & soul, necklace: Target, white sweater: H&M, necklace: H&M, black sweater: Planet Gold, Jeans Jacket: Gap, white sweater: UNIQLO Japan, black jacket: Gap

I tried different layers on top of my stripe dress to see how my dress would look. I like versatile design that would go with many different accessories and layers. I can’t afford to have many clothes, so I need clothes that I can coordinate to make them look different so that people don’t think I am wearing the same outfit all the time. Even though I live in an all-time summer climate, it is freezing inside of some buildings, so I sometimes take a jacket or sweater. I find it it’s not often enough for me since I really like to wear different layers. I really like my new dress I got at a boutique in Kemang, South Jakarta called “body & soul”. It’s a brand originally from Bali. I walked into their store in Kemang the other day and see if I could take photos inside the store. I was referred to talk to the shop marketing personnel to ask for permission to take photos of the store. I haven’t gotten to do it yet, but I hope I’ll be allowed to do that. The store has some really fun designs that you might enjoy seeing.

These mannequins were in the show window at “next” store. Since I love their looks, I decided to take a photo of them. I want to dress like them!

shirt: H&M, pants: black & white, sandals: Impo, necklace: gift my husband got in Yogyakarta

My sweet husband got this necklace I’m wearing in above pictures when he went to Yogyakarta for business. He did well, didn’t he? I like matching it with one of my favorite shirts from H&M. The capri pants I was wearing this day were the pair I got from my friend at a clothes swap several months ago when we were still in Virginia. I love them. These pictures were taken inside a Zara store. My husband wanted to look for some pants, so I decided to have some fun while we’re waiting for him.

This is called yukata, summer kimono. I wore my yukata on an UN Day at my first daughter’s school. I asked my little monkey daughter, the second one, to take some photos, so the first three photos were taken by my daughter outside. Those are not as bad as some others that have none of me, part of my buttom, or just my feet. The last two photos were taken by my household help. I don’t think she had taken photos many times. All her photos were blurry and I could not use them since the quality of the images were not great. I’m thankful that she wanted to help me out.

I purchased my yukata at UNIQLO in Japan a couple of years ago. I wrote about UNIQLO in the UN Day post and I wrote that I recommend UNIQLO for its contemporary designs for women’s clothing and cute kids clothes as well. The prices are very reasonable, too. If you go to Japan during summer and want to buy yukata, try UNIQLO’s. You might find yukata you like at UNIQLO or even find something else you like!


  1. says

    I always want to go shopping when you blog about your clothes. Expensive reading :)
    The Yukata is really nice – lovely pattern!

    The movie theater you were showing looks great btw! Very luxurious.


  2. says

    Kaho, the first set of photos! woW! beautiful. my favorite one is the one where you are wearing the hoodie and cap. You are so pretty. I also enjoy seeing your daughters in some photos of your outfits (it’s your trademark).
    Your husband made a nice selection with the necklace.

    I like your black and silver sandals you are wearing at Zaras. did u purchase them in the states?

    • says

      Thanks, Elisa! You’re so sweet and made me smile. I like having a trademark! The shoes I’m wearing are from the U.S. I bought them at Marshalls in Virginia. Ah, I miss Marshalls. You might not always find what you need there, but if you invest your time, you find a hidden gem sometimes. I love bargain shopping!

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    Dear Kaho,

    never know that uniqlo also sells yukata, i like japanese cultures and since i have a lot of friends that like japanese cultures, i will tell them.. They must be excited.

    once i tried to wore yukata in a workshop in Pusat Studi Jepang, Universitas Indonesia,
    I always want to make a yukata for me but i always feel that i can’t wear it in Indonesia :(

    • says

      I love Uniqlo. When I was in Tokyo this past June, I looked for yukata, but I couldn’t find any. It might have been too early. I love Uniqlo’s yukata because they are affordable and beautiful. If you find an occasion to wear it, maybe you can!


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