Wednesday Wardrobe ☆ Dresses Purchased At ITC Permata Hijau Continued

Saga continues… Just kidding. Wanted to use it on my blog.

Just a reminder that I am going to move my Wednesday Wardrobe column over to Monday and will call it Monday Mode. Well, my styling might not deserve to be named as “mode”, but it sounds nice, doesn’t it?

skirt: brand unknown, purchased at ITC Permata Hijau, shirt: Gymboree (sale!), shoes, maggie bonnét at Target
She sometimes gets this I’m-too-shy attitude during our photo session (well, it’s more like photo snapping). My friend, Meredith, used to take awesome photos (I miss her!) and I wish I could be as good as she is. She’s got the natural talent to be a photographer.

I often take photos of my first daughter in the morning when we’re waiting for her bus to arrive. That morning my husband sat next to me while I was snapping away and he got our daughter out of her shell. He started saying “show me your Japanese peace signs!”, “show me your tiger face!”, “what about puppy?” and she played along! I got lucky. My favorite is her puppy face. Here are the photos of our goofball.

skirt: brand unknown, shirt: Target

When I pick outfit for our girls, just like many of you, I pick colors that my kids look good in and the design that I find unique, cute, chic or pretty. I don’t know if you have noticed, but I often pick summer or spring colors for my first daughter (the green color on the shirt is actually an autumn color, so I don’t always stick to this, but I try) and autumn colors for my second daughter based on color analysis. I also buy items that are versatile. The convenient thing about knowing the season of your colors based on color analysis and collecting colors from the same group is that if you purchase items that belong to the same color group, it’s safe to combine anything from them and you can make the outfit look good (of course sometimes it’s not all that simple depending on designs, but I would say this is particularly true in kids clothing).

Which one is more of your taste?


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    My favourite outfit is the white top one like the first photos – I love pale pink, grey and white together for young girls – such a lovely combination without being too over the top girlie.

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