Wednesday Wall2Wall Interior ☆ Living Room, Dining Room & Entry Way




My friend, Kara, has many talents and decorating is one of them. I love the way she decorated her house. She is the one who inspired me to paint the walls in our new home in Jakarta and told me about the wall decal at Etsy. I wish I have photos of her house before she decorated to show how much transformation she made. You would not believe how much changes she brought to this house by simply painting the walls and adding decoration such as paintings, ornaments, plants, and so forth. She and her husband have a very good taste for decorative items and I love what they have especially their paintings which they bought in different parts of the world.

They live in a furnished house just like us. Many pieces of furniture you see except for several pieces such as a modern couch in the second photo, a red chest and red entertainment center were provided by the office. I know their previous home back in the States which they furnished with their own furniture. They have great furniture, but they had to leave it behind in the States like we did. I think Kara did a great job decorating her new space while managing to reflect her taste using the standard furniture they had to have. I love how she designed it.


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      Hi Sweet Batik, the only wall decals I’ve seen here are from Informa in Gandaria, however they are not nice at all …Do you know where we can get nice ones like the one above and in Kaho’s living room? Would love to know where I can get em! Thanks!

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