Wednesday Wall2Wall Decoration ☆ Christmas Breakfast Table

My family celebrated Christmas growing up, but being non-Christian we don’t have Christmas traditions like my husband’s family does. My mother-in-law has always prepared a special Christmas breakfast, so my husband wanted to continue with the tradition (not that he cooks, but I wanted to make him happy, so I do!) and have a special breakfast for Christmas. We celebrated Christmas morning just by ourselves. It was simple, calm, and comforting. It was one of those moments I was grateful to have my husband and kids with me, healthy and happy. I didn’t wish for more. Seeing the photos of our table with the food I prepared, I was disappointed as it looks so plain and I had to think over if this was really a blog worthy material or not. I decided to give it a go since I thought it’ll keep a good memory even if it was so ordinary. I hope to improve my breakfast repertoire in the coming years.

The origami snow flakes on the table and a little tree with names on our plates were made by our kids under my husband’s supervision. We had a Christmas dinner the night before and we used them for that, so I recycled them since I thought they were very cute!


  1. says

    Kaho, to me it’s still look nice & simple table set there… you are such a home body… It’s good enough as I didn’t even try to set a table, we were just opening presents in front of the tv without any breakfast.

    • says

      Thanks, Nin! Our girls opened their presents before their breakfast, too, and I had to cook right after that. It might have helped to prepare breakfast the night before, but I had no energy….

  2. denise Henderson says

    we had Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict the super easy way!
    Smoke salmon from the supermarket + muffin – again supermarket then toast! + Poach Egg (microwave) + Hollandaise Sauce (from the jar!)
    Easy and quick especially after opening the presents everybody is super super hungry and wants food NOW!! ^_^


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