Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Conrad Bangkok Hotel and President Palace Hotel

We stayed at two hotels in Bangkok. Why? We made this trip because my husband had a business trip. Fortunately for me and our girls, we got to tag along. I am very grateful that he was willing to carry an extra luggage, yes, us, with him. While we were there during his business trip, his office paid him to stay at Conrad Bangkok Hotel. His training ended on Friday, but we wanted to stay in Bangkok two extra days on Saturday and Sunday. For our personal stay, our lodging was obviously our own responsibility and because it was a little pricey for us to stay at Conrad Bangkok Hotel (although we would’ve loved it!!), we decided to move to a hotel that fits better to our budget.

Their hotel key had a leather cover. So chic!!! We liked this elephant toy, but we didn’t know if we could take it or not, so we left it. It gave the room a nice little touch of the Thai culture.

BREAKFAST at Drinking Tea Eating Rice

Don’t you love the naming of the restaurant? I said to my husband that it was interesting that the restaurant was called “Drinking Tea Eating Rice” and he went “at least it’s not ‘Drinking Rice Eating Tea'”. That’s actually funny.

We LOVED their breakfast. I love staying at a hotel and the best part of it usually for me is breakfast. If a hotel has a great selection for breakfast, that’s a bonus. I asked one of the floor staff members if I could take some photos and he said “little bit”, so I only took a few. I wish I could’ve taken photos of the food as well, but I didn’t want to cause any trouble, so here are the overview of the restaurant. I would totally go back to stay there for their breakfast (and their gorgeous rooms as well). Maybe when our kids are much older and my husband and I can travel by ourselves, we’d go back to Conrad Bangkok Hotel.

Conrad Bangkok Hotel is in a district where many embassies are located. It is only 5 to 10-minute walk from a Sky Train (BTS) Station, Phloen Chit, and the hotel is adjacent to All Seasons Place which is a business building with restaurants and shops. It’s very convenient.

Conrad Bangkok Hotel
87 Wireless Road, Phatumwan
Bangkok, 10330, Thailand
Tel: 66-2-690-9999


Hotel Lobby

I thought that the lobby was quite spacious and impressive.

I found out about President Palace Hotel Bangkok, on TripAdvisor.

These are the factors which made me decide on this hotel.

1. It was ranked 25 out of 612 hotels on TripAdvisor. (The hotels ranked above 25 were all out of our budget.)
2. It had over 370 reviews.
3. Review said it was a good value for the price.
4. It is in a good convenient location. (Important to us!)
5. Deluxe Rooms have an L-shape sofa which allows our girls to sleep on. Ordering an extra bed would’ve cost us about $30 per night if I remember correctly.
6. President Palace Hotel was also close from Conrad Bangkok Hotel, which was convenient for us to move. President Palace Hotel is located by a Nana Sky Train Station, which is only one stop from the station near Conrad Bangkok Hotel.

We could’ve found something much cheaper, I’m sure, but I didn’t have much time to research and this was the best I could do. We liked this hotel a lot and I would stay there again if we have a chance.


I liked their salt and pepper shaker. (Do you see it above the tea and placemat?) Next time I go to Bangkok (who knows when?), I would love to look for a set.

I found a promotion on the President Palace Hotel website for a Deluxe Room for two consecutive nights with a one-way free shuttle service to the airport. It was around US$95 per night. With an extra payment for our 6-year-old’s breakfast per day, which was US$5 and tax, the total ended up being a little over US$200 for two nights. Considering the transportation to the airport was included, this was a great deal.

I found much cheaper deals on the prices were US$69 for a Superior Room and US$75 for a Deluxe Room. I wanted to book through the agoda website, but I decided to go through the hotel because I could not find a room on if I put in the box for the number of guests as 2 adults and 2 kids. It seemed that it would have been fine to book through Maybe next time!

The area President Palace Hotel is located is much more touristy as opposed to the area Conrad Bangkok Hotel is located is more business oriented. President Palace Hotel is off of a major street called Sukhumvit Street and this street and on the streets off of Sukhumvit host many cool restaurants you can find in Bangkok. If you want to find a hotel, I highly recommend finding one along Sukhumvit Street. If you can, try to stay near a Sky Train (BTS) or Metro station. It would make your life much easier although taking a taxi is very cheap.

President Palace Hotel Bangkok
18 Sukhumvit Soi 11 Bangkok 10110 Thailand
Tel: +66 (0)2 120 8888 Fax: +66 (0)2 120 8899

I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos. This might not interest most of you if you are not traveling to Bangkok in the near future, but I was hoping you could enjoy the interiors of the hotels we stayed at in Bangkok. I love peaking at different interior designs of hotels.

I feel like I have so much to do in order to update my blog while I have other things I need to do and I feel a little bit overwhelmed at the moment. I am glad I’m not traveling for a while after having two trips so close from each other. (Vietnam Trip was only 3 weeks before this trip.) I’ll try my best to update my posts as timely as possible. I have to do this soon otherwise, my memories will fade and I’m afraid that my posts won’t be as fresh as I want them to be.


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    Thanks for the update Kaho! Actually I admire you for being able to upload photos immediately. To be honest I still have backlog from my 2 bali trips, 3 yogyakarta trips, 1 KL trip and a 1month trip to the Philippines. Sigh. I feel so bad. But at least I know when I am bored I still have so much material to upload! lol! Trust me you are doing great! Btw how much was a night at the President Palace hotel.. it looks very nice for something affordable!

    • says

      Thank you for your encouraging words! Thanks also for asking about the hotel rate as I forgot to list it on my post! I found two night promotion on the President Palace Hotel’s website and it was for a deluxe room (bigger than superior) for two consecutive nights with free wifi and free shuttle service to the airport (worth approximately US$30) and we paid a little over $200 for the two-night stay, which included the extra payment for our 6-year-oldl’s breakfast. When I checked pricing on for President Palace Hotel, the superior room was $69 and deluxe room was $75 per night. The reason why I went through the hotel instead of was because when I put the number of guests in the room as 2 adults and 2 kids, they didn’t have a room for us. I would’ve booked through agoda otherwise. We picked a Deluxe Room so that we could have an L-shape sofa for our girls to sleep in. By the way, shows a photo of a Deluxe Room as a Superior Room, but Superior Room is smaller than Deluxe Room and does not have an L-shape sofa.

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    The hotel room and the red elephant they left (probably as a gift) are so beautiful. Aww the girls must have been pooped out after an adventurous day out. I like that the shower is in a separate area from the bath. That’s what I didn’t quite like about the Sheraton layout in Saigon.

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      I liked having a separate area for the shower. Our girls enjoyed the tub! The hotel even prepared a little yellow elephant bath toy in the tub for our girls. So nice, isn’t it?

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    both hotels look very nice, although I can understand that the Cornad was more expensive as it was geared towards business people? I did like the little elephant on the bed as if saying, “welcome!” hahaha that was funny about the name of the restaurant, at first I read drinking rice,eating tea! hehehe. the lobby on the second hotel looked nice as well, I couldn’t help but notice, was all that your luggage?

    I’m sure it’s been a couple of exhausting but fun weeks. Take your time.

    (ps. it made me nostalgic when I found those last photos of Croatia. today I received an email from my friend in Croatia and she tells me she is still waiting to hear that phone call were I tell her, we aren’t staying in the States, but rather returning,…she knows the difficulty I ‘m having finding a job.) but things are looking brighter…. I had a phone interview for a bilingual position in Denver,… so I’m hoping for the best, thank you for your compliments about the new look on my blog, I wasn’t sure and still debating if I should start a brand new one/ I don’t want to mislead people with my website name, but I guess seeing the title, it all makes sense?


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