Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Black and Yellow Girl’s Room

Welcome to my new column “Wall2Wall”. My husband helped me name my Wednesday interior design column when I asked him. I want his brain.

I’m excited to start this little section in my blog to explore interior designs. I find this black and yellow room is just perfect for an opening post because it’s stunning. This room belongs to a daughter of my friend, Tina. She is a group leader of the Indonesian Heritage Society group I belong. When I first went to her house for the first time for the IHS group luncheon last week (I’m such a looser that I forgot about it. Luckily she texted me about it and I finally arrived 2 hours late for it. I deserve to be on a shit list.), I was awed by the way she decorated her gorgeous house. Even though the question to ask if I could take photos of her house came up to my throat, I didn’t ask because I don’t want my friends to think that I will pop out that question if they have me over.

Tina gave me a tour of her house and took me to her daughter’s room where my little daughter was playing. As soon as I walked in to the room, I fell in love with it. I would not normally choose black and yellow for my own house, but I love this room. Then I couldn’t help asking her for permission. Sweet Tina allowed me to take photos, so I did. I apologize for the quality of the photos as I rushed to take photos and the result is this. My photos didn’t do it justice.

What do you think?


    • says

      Hi, Kyra!! Isn’t this surprisingly pretty? I forget that Steelers colors are yellow and black. Maybe next home you’ll have a Steelers room?

  1. Maria says

    Hello Kaho, thank you so much for adding my room to one of your posts! I was eagerly waiting for you to publish this post. My mom told me how much you loved this room. I appreciate it a lot! I like the way you create posts on your blog. I have a wordpress blog too but I am not that great at writing good and detailed posts. I always look forward to read your posts. Also, my mom told me about your daughters and I really want to meet them! Thanks again! Maria

    • says

      Maria! Thank you so much for leaving me a comment!! Yes, I fell in love with your room and you have a cool mom! You have a wordpress blog! Oh, you have to tell me your blog address for sure! I’m not good at writing, and detailed posts do not equal quality posts. Not to worry! I’m sure my girls would love to meet you as well! We’ll have to arrange a ‘play date’ some time. :)


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