Visiting Dallas

After our hectic two-day pack-out and cleaning, we anxiously hopped on the airplane to fly to my husband’s homeland, Texas. Our first stop was Dallas to see my sister-in-law and nephew.

The first picture is her dining area. She is good at decorating rooms. In fact, she is the one who helped me decorate my daughters’ kid room in Arlington. The idea to put butterflies around the frames, for example, came from her. I wanted to take more pictures of her apartment, but my daughter got sick, plus the room didn’t have enough light for me to take pictures, so I wasn’t able to. Back to her dining area, I love her vintage dining table. It’s in sage green and goes well with the vintage cabinet. I like her clean way of decorating which is how I like to decorate our own space.

In the afternoon of the second day in Dallas, we took a walk in the area my sister-in-law lives. Her apartment complex has fabulous facilities. It has a large beautiful park with a lake, so we went to feed the ducks. Since there were way too many greedy pigeons that would surround the ducks, we could not feed them, but instead we fed the koi fish. It was sweet to see the cousins interact. I have cousins, but I hardly knew them growing up, so I find it important to provide opportunities for our girls to get to know their cousin.

That night we went to have dinner at Tex-Mex place called Blue Goose in Texas. We love Tex-Mex! When I have good Tex-Mex food, that’s the moment it hits me that I’m back in the land of Texas. Our kids got some tortilla doughs and played with it while waiting for the meals to arrive. What I am bad about when I’m at a Tex-Mex restaurant is controlling myself with chips and salsa and I always end up eating way too much of them before the meal arrives. Sigh. I enjoyed my meal though. Our girls had quesadillas and I had Blue Goose Taco Salad. My husband had an enchilada dish, but I didn’t want to bother him, so no picture of his dish. We knew we had more of this Tex-Mex coming, but we enjoyed every bite of it!


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    Pictures from the date night coming soon too?!
    I can’t wait to see pictures of your new home too!! (I’ll give you a month to decorate your house.)

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      Date night! Didn’t even think about taking my camera that night! We almost aborted the movie part because of the rain we had in San Antonio and some parts of major high ways were flooded! New home? Hummmm. I don’t think our stuff will get there a month after we arrive. I’ll put some pictures of the bare home! 😛

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