Vietnam Trip Epilogue With Comedian Anjelah Johnson ☆ Nail Salon

I posted an article about my recommendations for the sites in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City, Reunification Palace and Ben Thanh Market, besides Mekong Delta, so now I’d like to close my Vietnam trip posts with this video of a standup comedy by Anjelah Johnson. She is hilarious! I think this is very funny not only because she’s good at impersonating a lady at a nail salon with a strong Vietnamese accent, but she depicts some truth and characters about the Vietnamese people who I observed in the country. She is awesome! Vietnamese people sounded just like her in Vietnam when they spoke English! Enjoy!!


  1. UnoMin says


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  2. says

    love that video…sooo funny! Is the comedian Vietnamese as well? the accent is so spot on.

    Your lil one looks so pleased….love her smile in that photo – cuteness!

    Your older girl is so pretty – a mini you.

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      The comedian is American, but Mexican and Native American. She’s really funny! I agree. She does a wonderful job with the accent!! Thank you for the compliments! Our girls are my cute monkeys.

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    haha. I loved the video. and the character she plays Bon Qui Qui. hilarious!!! I’ve never heard of her so thanks Kaho. I needed a good laugh today!

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