Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Vanilla In Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

This photo above makes me think of this very cool blogger in Japan who post photos of herself in the air. Her blog is yowayowa camera woman diary and it’s worth checking out her photos. No, I didn’t intend to take a photo like hers or tried to copy her. I was snapping away and one photo caught my daughter running in the air by accident.


My friend, Jenny, introduced us to Vanilla in Bandung, West Java. She has a good taste, plus my husband also went there and told me that I would like it, so I knew even before I went there that I would fall in love with the place and I really did!! Vanilla is an amazing restaurant with modern and unique architecture as well as furniture designed by Indonesians. The food was good and cheap, too. One thing I noticed about Bandung is that eating out is cheaper than it is in Jakarta. Vanilla would definitely be my recommendation of a place to eat in Bandung for you.


Jl. Cimanuk No.11
Bandung, West Java 40114
TEL: (022) 7276652
Follow Vanilla!/vanillaBDG
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    what a fantastic place that is. looks amazing.
    but even more so i just LOVE that first photo. it’s fantastic.
    well done. always fun with photos that have that extra something in it. that you don’t know before you’ve taken the shot.

    and thanks for sharing the photographers link will check it out right now.
    happy weekend

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    i love yowayowa camera woman diary too,,she’s amazing.really love her photograph.

    Oh i never heard about vanilla before. is that place related with Maja house? because the interior looks similar,,it’s such a great place. should do some visit if i go to Bandung next time. Thank you for sharing,kaho,,


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