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There are so many ideas and themes for birthday parties available online these days, aren’t they? A vampire theme birthday party is a party that you can manage at home and the kids would have a blast. You would think that kids would get scared of vampires, right? I was surprised that kids were not at all scared and I even heard that several kids said that it was the best party ever. My daughter even said ‘she was inspired’ by her friend to be a vampire for Halloween. Speaking of Halloween, this would be a good Halloween party theme as well. I could tell that the kids had lots of fun pretending to be a vampire and it was hilarious to see the expressions on kids’ faces with the fake fangs in their mouth.

I think that my friend, Kara, who planned a vampire theme birthday party for her daughter could be a party planner and be successful. If you are curious, I have featured other birthday parties she has planned for her children in the past: Princess Birthday Party, Bubble Birthday Party, and Ladybug Birthday Party.



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Below is the list of games Kara used for the vampire theme birthday party for her daughter.

1. Death Stare
This is a fun party game where everyone huddles around in a circle arms over the others shoulders. Everyone puts their heads down and on the count of three looks up at another player.

If two people find that they are looking at each other than they both scream and fall down dead. They are out and the next round begins. Keep playing until only two players are left. This teen party game is best with a medium to larger group of friends.

2. Vampire vs. Vampire Slayer
This is another vampire adoption party game to play. On index cards write the word “VAMPIRE” on one, and the word “SLAYER” on the other. Fill in the rest with the word “VICTIM”. You should make enough cards for each player to receive one card. Everyone must sit in a circle or around a table and draw a card without showing anyone else what’s written on their card.

To play the game: The person that draws the “VAMPIRE” card can “kill off” other players by making eye contact with them and blinking their eyes at them twice. If a victim gets blinked at they must silently count to five and then pretend to die. If the vampire tries to blink at the slayer then the vampire is caught and his or her turn is over. The slayer can also end the vampires turn by catching him or her in the act in the act and calling out his or her name.

Once the vampire is caught that round is over and you can start again by passing out new cards to everyone. The winner is between the vampire and the slayer. The vampire gets a point for everyone he/she kills before they are caught and the slayer gets a point for everyone who is left after the killer is caught.

3. Daylight, Darkness
Vampire version of kid’s game like red light / green light

4. Pin the fangs on the vampire

5. Vampire Signs

Face painting

Face painting artist came to the house and did the face painting on all the kids. They loved it!


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      I’m sure it’s a lot. However, it’s still cheaper to have a party at home than having it at other kids places which you see a lot in Jakarta. For the decoration used at the vampire birthday party, she is going to reuse the items for Halloween as well, so that’s nice. Some items she used can also be used for other party. The red lanterns used at the vampire party were used for the ladybug birthday party last year, for example. :)

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    ,Lovely .iam sure she should be very happy to have friends who can appreciate her effort put in the party deco and ideas. Last july i had timmy time theme birthday party and ordered a bouncy castle at my house for my daughters birthday party. As Singaporeans are still not used to the themed party they dint appreciate the effort i put in that and i realised end of the day it was totally waste of my money and time and i was sure that my 2 year old daughter enjoyed her cupcakes which had the timmy time characters. my 2 sleepless nights were like a dew drop on grass when my daughter had a big smile on her face. seeing the timmy time and his friends and she was very proud. I love indonesia and india as they are fast in adapting to the new trends as in singapore i feel due to stress in worklife and people are still stereotype dont know how to enjoy with the kids party.

    I planned for Pirate theme party for my son who is is turning 4 years tomorrow and i was so disappointed to see what happened on my daughters birthday party and so i am just celebrating this year birthday with only close family members.

    over here the themed party is a big hit only among the expat community from american ,and europe.

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      Hi, Padmajas! Thanks for the comment. It matters so much to us parents when your hard work puts a smile on your kids, doesn’t it? I think that a pirate theme party is so fun!! My friend had a pirate birthday party and I thought that it was so cute!!! If you’re curious how she designed it, please see the post “Pirate Theme Birthday Party“.

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      Already?? It’s hard to believe that he will be one! I met you when you were still pregnant! I am very sure you will do an awesome job. You’re so talented with a capital T!

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