Valentine’s Day Card Idea ☆ Human Letters With Kids

My brilliant husband made this Valentine’s card with our girls for me. As you can see he took photos of our girls forming human letters. I was blown away. I love it!!

My husband told me that he felt bad for our second daughter. I didn’t see why immediately and he pointed at the letter “E” where her head is right under her sister’s bottom. I cracked up!!! She seemed okay to me though!

I thought this human letters Valentine’s Day Card Idea was awesome and I wish I was creative enough to make something with my girls as comparable to what he gave me. I did make something with the girls for him, but it’s very ordinary. I’m sure he likes what our girls made for him though.

My husband is better at so many things than I am. As much as I love and admire him for his talent, I admit that it could be tough to be married to someone who is good at almost everything he does! I always tell myself that he’s him and I’m me. It’s just easy to compare yourself with the closest person in your life especially in the environment where he is the focus of our life.

Part of the reason why I created this blog is to challenge my ability to be creative and ultimately be happy with myself through devoting myself to something I feel very passionately about (of course besides my family). By having my own space to be myself where people see me as Kaho, I regain my confidence.

I know well that I am very fortunate to be married with the guy whom I respect, admire and love. I can’t imagine my life without him and our girls. I guess my point was that the Valentine’s Day this year unexpectedly reminded me of my husband’s mightiness hands down. I’ve got to get better at being creative. Help me Etsy!


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    That is the sweetest card ever!! How cool of him :) I’m sure you are way creative but maybe in different ways, right?! Maybe you’re a better writer than him 😉 Have a great Vday!!!

  2. says

    Adorable! Nice work, P!

    But don’t sell yourself short, Kaho!!! You are beautiful, brilliant, and just as mighty as your husband is. Everyday you show your talent on your blog whether it’s your impeccable fashion sense, gorgeous photography or your design acumen.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, girl!


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    oh what a great idea. hehe I’m sure your daughters will remember this day,especially your younger one.hehe
    You know Kaho, not many husbands are as creative as yours. He is one of the few! ( I asked my brother-in-law what he was getting my sister for the day, he said, oh I show her I love her every day by doing things around the house…while that may not sound as romantic, it does show love and commitment,). I received online roses, called recession roses, LOL get it? no jobs so that’s all he could afford, I laughed when I talked to him today and he said if I received the roses! but it was the words he wrote in the email that touched my heart.

    I think you are creative! I agree with @southfeastasia’s comment, your photography is awsome and the way you have designed this blog and the way you caption your photos AND you have mastered wordpress ( I haven’t yet)

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Kyra says

    Such a very cute idea! I have to admit that I did have the same thought as P and thought poor Yuena got the “bottom” end of the deal.

    And I would like to continue what southfeastasia said above and say that you are not giving yourself enough credit. In addition to the traits she mentioned above, you also are raising two of the most well-mannered, brilliant, bilingual little girls I know, the food you make is beautiful and delish (reminiscing about the beautiful spreads you put together for Maca’s bday and Kelly’s shower around this time last year), you keep your family together and put up with the neediest husband I know (tell P I am totally kidding). Seriously though, take a moment today to love yourself. You deserve it!

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      Thank you so much, Kyra!! I love seeing your comment! Hehe, I felt sorry for Yuena after I saw it, but it made me love her even more!!! She’s so darn cute in that photo! Thanks for such a flattering comment! It made me sooo happy! You allowed me to take a moment to love myself. Thanks for your support!

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    OMGosh this is brilliant Kaho! Sooooo sweet and creative! Definitely have to show this to my hubby hehe!

    I totally understand the need to have your own thing! So you’re not sitting at home waiting for your husband and kids to get home right? Without a doubt you are showing how creative you are with your blog! Because it is awesome!

  6. Maria says

    Hey Kaho, I really like this post that you published several days ago. It’s a very good idea…for various ocassions! My mom told me all about the harry darsono trip you guys went to. It sounds really inspiring to me, if you took some pictures during the trip, you should really blog about it. I love the way you blog all about your eventful days!I would love to read more of your interesting and inspiring posts! Have fun blogging…
    Love, Maria.
    P.S….happy belated valentines day!

    • says

      Sweet Maria, thank you!!! It’s so nice to see your kind comment. I also appreciate your time to write me a comment as I know you have a busy life! I will try to post about Hari Darsono on Monday for my Monday Mode post. I have a lot of photos, but I don’t know if my pictures are good… There wasn’t much light. I hope I won’t disappoint my friends! (I haven’t checked them yet.) Wish me luck! :)

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