UN Day at School

My child’s school dedicated two days to celebrate diversity at the school. They called it a UN Day. The first day was a food tasting for students to try food from different countries. The second day was a concert and children sang songs about helping others and world peace and also had a parade after the concert in their costumes. The parent groups from some countries that decided to take part in the event prepared something original from their country for the entire school. I believe there were something like 14 countries represented on the international food day. That’s not bad, huh? I volunteered to help both the U.S. and Japan groups. My kids being from both countries and I have friends in both groups, I wanted to help out at both places. I helped the U.S. group set up the table and decorate the booth on a day before the event. It was so much fun and I felt like I was back in school!! My friend and my daughter’s classmate’s mom, Christy was the group leader, and she did a lot to prepare and did a wonderful job. I wanted to share the photos with you. The theme for the U.S. booth was 4th of July.

Thanks, Christy, for all your hard work!!

Here’s the photos from the Japan booth. I helped out on the day of the International Food Day. The Japan booth handed out “Yakult“, yogurt drink, and “konpeito“, small sugar candies (see photos). I LOVE konpeito. They are pure sugar with food coloring and some flavor, just like regular candies, but they melt in your mouth much faster. Parents wore yukata, Japanese summer kimono. I put on mine, too. They had enough help at the table that I don’t know how helpful I was there, but I enjoyed being there for sure.

In this photo above my daughter is getting some food from the India booth. She came home that day and told me she wanted to go to an Indian restaurant because the samosa she had was so delicious! Yes!! I thought that this international food day was a great opportunity for the children to be exposed and experience different types of food.

I took a photo of my daughter with her Korean classmate’s mom. Isn’t she pretty? I thought that Korean dresses were gorgeous. They look so much dressier than Japanese yukata. My Japanese friends were saying that Korean women have pretty skins and they were saying if eating spicy food like kimchi contributed to keeping their pretty skin. I just searched on google about this and found some studies done in Japan to show that there are correlations between eating spicy food and sweating and keeping your skin moisturizer and young. I think I need to go buy some kimchi.

Lastly, this is a snap shot with my girls. Both of my girls dressed to represent the U.S. on the first day as they wore yukata on the following day. The wore the t-shirt they got from their Auntie Mabry. My first daughter’s t-shirt says “someone loves me in Texas”. My younger one’s t-shirt says “Little Miss Texas”.


  1. says

    I love this post! what a great way to expose children to other countries and traditions. They will look back at these photos and really appreciate their childhood. I like that you mentioned your first daughter wanted to go to an indian restaurant. I remember those t-shirts about ‘somebody loves me in__” I used to have them when I was younger!

    you know you may be on the right track about spicy food and looking younger. My Mother loves loves spicy food and she does look younger.

  2. Ayako says


  3. Macarena Aristegui says

    Too cute! Kaho, you must have worked so hard. You look beautiful in your yukata. It’s nice that both of your girls were there!

  4. says

    Wow, love the diversity! I believe this is what makes world peace!
    The cupcakes looks so delicious and I agree that you look like Kawashima Naomi 😉

    By the way, is this JIS?

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    Wow, what a great event for your girls. All the stalls look amazing, especially the US one and love all the details on the Japanese one too. As I was scrolling down, I was wondering where a photo of you was and was glad to see the last shot of you and your girls. You look great – you really should be a model Kaho!!

    This reminds me of something I did with my students when I was a teacher – I set them in teams and they had to create a stall for a ‘World Expo’ we set up where they had food to taste and other things on show from all different countries. I think it’s important for students to be exposed to other cultures like this.

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