Monday Mode ☆ Umi Shoes

Baby boy outfits are new and exciting to me. My friend, Ana of Stumble Abroad, have given me a ton of hand-me-downs of her second son who is 3 months older my son. Yes, I am very fortunate. This whole outfit including the adorable Umi shoes is from her. I have heard of the brand, Umi, before but I have never owned a pair of shoes for my children as Umi shoes are out of a price range for me. When I saw the shoes in the bag of hand-me-downs, I was thrilled. People seem to notice the shoes and we have received many comments on them. I wish baby’s feet don’t grow as fast as they do.


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    How cute! I love baby shoes and baby clothing in general — miniature versions of adult things! (Just to look at in stores; I don’t have any children.)

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    Love the soft shoes! Till today i’ve never put on shoes for laura, lol. Hubs says it’s not as if she’s walking yet. heh.
    He’s all grown up, handsome too… Aww :)

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      My first didn’t have a pair of shoes until she was much much older. We bought shoes for her because we were walking in October in Paris (travel) and she was bare foot in a stroller and this one lady said “Poor girl, she’s not wearing shoes” as passing by. :) Thank you for the sweet message!

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