Friday Finds ☆ Tulisan at Dharmawangsa Square, Jakarta

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My favorite to look at is purses.

Two Christmases ago, my sweet husband put two packages of Tulisan’s design cards in my stocking for me. That was the first time I owned products from Tulisan. I’ve known that there was a Tulisan vendor at the Dharmawangsa Square City Walk and I always stopped and admired the prints because everything was so beautiful.

The brand “Tulisan” was founded by Melissa Sunjaya, a native Indonesian designer. (Tulisan means “print” in Bahasa Indonesia) Melissa graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California as a Visual Communication artist. She also pursued her art study in Switzerland. She’s been back in Indonesia, has a family here, and owns her business and a brand new gorgeous store which opened at Dharmawangsa Square City Walk towards the end of 2011.

Her art work is whimsical and playful. The warm colors she uses are welcoming. Her Tulisan store at Dharmawangsa Square City Walk is a showcase of her style and designs. When you walk into the store, you almost forget where you are and are drawn into her magical world of designs. What I love about her work is that while it’s very stylish, modern and western influenced, she preserves Indonesian heritage and culture in her work. I notice that many young Indonesian artists like to incorporate their heritage and culture into their modern interpretation of art which I think makes their work special and one of a kind.

I had a chance to meet Melissa at her store. She was warm and charming as seen in her design and prints and very sweet. When I told her about my pregnancy and how long my morning sickness lasts throughout my pregnancy, she offered me some tea at the store. While I saw her entrepreneurship and artistic talent side during this visit, I peeked her motherly side as she is a mother of two girls which made me feel close to her as a person. I loved the way she dressed, too. I miss wearing boots so much!

If you live here and have not visited her store, do pay a visit! If you ever have a chance to come visit Jakarta and have some time, I recommend you take some time to visit her store. I think you’ll love it!






Darmawangsa Square City Walk, Jakarta 12160
Located right by the Ranch Market on the Ground Floor



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    I’m glad I found your blog. I found it very very helpful.. I’m Jakartan, I didn’t even know half of store you wrote here…*shame on me*


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