Happy Halloween ☆ Tulisan


I hope you had a fun and memorable Halloween this year! I decided to participate in a Tulisan Halloween Photo Competition. Don’t you think that would be a fun activity? I actually really enjoyed taking photos of the Tulisan items with a Halloween touch. I hope they will like mine because I would love to have their Premiere 2012 Gallery Tote as a prize!

I hope that the people who were affected by Sandy would get their normal life back soon. My thoughts go out to those who are dealing with the damages the hurricane brought.


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    Hi Kaho! Beautiful shots! I love that tea cup and saucer!! Good luck to you and thank you for mentioning those affected by Sandy. Very kind of you. Thanks for commenting on my blog too. Running into so many lovely blogs via BYW bootcamp!

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      Thank you! I love my Tulisan tea cup and saucer, too. My treasure from Indonesia for sure. Same for me about running into lovely blogs via BYW bootcamp!


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