Friday Finds ☆ Tin Pan Alley

I went to Tin Pan Alley in October, 2011 with my friends for lunch. As always I took photos because I wanted to share this restaurant with others on my blog. Why am I posting this almost a year later? Well, last October, I was going through the toughest period of morning sickness during my pregnancy with our third child and I was in withdrawal from blogging. Anyways, here it is.

Tin Pan Alley is an American bistro in Jakarta created by some Indonesians who were inspired by American culinary traditions. I found a review of Tin Pan Alley on The Jakarta 100 Bars blog and I was very intrigued. I like to go online before I check out a new place to eat so that I can have a good image of the eatery and also get the idea of where about and put a map in my head. The Jakarta 100 Bars is a well written blog with great photos for restaurant and bar reviews. It says bars, but you can also find reviews of restaurants in Jakarta.

I thought that the food was good. Nicely salted crispy fries and the burger with flavorful topping made a nice combination. The lemonade in a jar hit the spot. It even looks good, don’t you think? If you crave a burger or a bistro food in Jakarta, it is worth trying Tin Pan Alley.

Tin Pan Alley

Thamrin Nine Podium
UOB Lobby Level #F
JL. Mh Thamrin, No.10
Jakarta, 10230
(0)21 3000 7881

Tin Pan Alley’s Facebook page has nice photos.

Tin Pan Alley is located in the UOB Building. The UOB Building looks like in the photos below on Jalan Thamrin.


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