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Tiffany Blue & Indian Design Stencils

Home is where your heart is.

That is what comes to me when I think of my friend, Sandra’s home.

Sandra, an American expat in Mumbai, moved here from New York with her husband and 3 daughters 3 years ago. She created her new home in Mumbai a true home away from home. Sandra says her home back in the U.S. is decorated with very natural and neutral colors. When she moved to India, though, she decided that she would embrace the rich colors you can find in India. This gorgeous home is the result of her creation.

When I first walked into her home, I instantly fell in love with this stenciled wall. Her hallway, living room, kitchen, dining room and family room walls are all painted in tiffany blue color which is Sandra’s favorite color (I love it, too!!). The front hallway wall has a shimmer coat to the paint which distinguishes the hallway from the rest of her apartment whilst capturing one’s eye with elegance.

When Sandra first moved to Mumbai, she knew that she would be in Mumbai at least for 2 years. She wanted to make her furnished apartment a true home. Despite the cost, she changed the carpeted floor to hardwood floor as she and her children have asthma and fill the living spaces with the items she and her husband purchased in India. While many unique and beautiful items are from India, the big pieces of furniture belong to the landlord, thus Sandra used her creative skills to add her own colors which many expats and people living in rental homes can appreciate and learn from.

I hope you will enjoy the virtual tour of her home!

Tiffany Blue & Indian Design entryway

Urli & Good Earth Lanterns

The pot on the floor is called urli/uruli which is a cooking pot from Kerala, South India. Sandra filled her two urli with rose petals. My another friend, Rachel, has an urli at the front door and filled it with water and flowers as well which I featured in the last post here. The two lanterns behind urli are from Good Earth. (Good Earth’s restaurant Tasting Room is beautiful, too!)

Tiffany Blue & Indian Design

Urli & Jodhpur Box

Jodhpur Trunk

The trunk is from Jodhpur which is also known as a blue city (just look up Jodhpur on internet. You’ll find the most beautiful images of the city with blue buildings!) and the second largest city in the state of Rajasthan in North India. I hear from my friends that Jodhpur is the city to find beautiful Indian furniture.

Jodhpur box India

Tiffany Blue Indian stencils Jodhpur box

Tiffany Blue clock Indian Design stencil

Tiffany Blue Indian Stencils

Sandra Tiffany Blue & Indian Design13

This trunk is also from Jodhpur.

Jodhhpur box India2

Bar Cart From Oshiwara

The bar cart is an old antique cart which Sandra found in Oshiwara in northern Mumbai. Isn’t this wood carving work just beautiful?

Indian bar cart

Indian bar cart2

Tiffany Blue & Indian Design-11

Tiffany Blue & Indian Design-27

Good Earth Candle Holder

I am in love with this candle holder which has the mixture of modern and contemporary Indian design with gorgeous rustic light blue paint. Sandra bought it at Good Earth.

Tiffany Blue & Indian Design-28

Tiffany Blue & Indian Design-29

Bean Bags & Instrument Toys

Sandra says she encourages her children to play instruments, so the only toys that are allowed in this room are toy instruments. The bean bags are from Bean Bag. A wonderful blogger Bombay Jules featured Bean Bag company in Mumbai “Who is BEANBAG” on her blog.

Tiffany Blue Bean Bags Toy Instruments

Tiffany Blue & Indian Design Living Room10

Couches & Chairs

She reupholstered the furnished couches into the purple colors and order made the white chair covers as the colors on the chairs did not go with the room. That’s the beauty of living in a city with affordable upholsterer.

Tiffany Blue Indian Design & white chair cover

Sandra Tiffany Blue & Indian Design14

Tiffany Blue & pillows

Sandra Tiffany Blue & Indian Design2

Sandra Tiffany Blue & Indian Design3

Indian Window

This Indian window is Sandra’s most recent purchase in India which they plan on hanging on the wall in their home in New York after they move back. I think that will look absolutely stunning in their new home.

Tiffany Blue & Indian Window Decor

Indian Modern Art Framed2

Indian Modern Art framed

Tiffany Blue & Indian Design living room

Kids Craft Table

This is a family area where the children watch TV and also work on craft activities. Colors and activities make it all fun to be home!

Family room & kids craft table

Marrakesh Tent By Haba

I thought that this tent was from India, but it was actually purchased and brought from the U.S. It is called “Marrakesh play tent” by Haba / Habermaaß which is a German toy manufacturing company.

pink girl tent

Mothercare Toy Kitchen

This toy kitchen was purchased at Mothercare in Mumbai, India.

Kitchen from Mumbai

Tiffany Blue & Indian Design Dining Room3

Indian candle holders

Sandra Tiffany Blue kitchen orange flowers

Entertainment Center Tiffany blue bean bag


I never knew about Kapla until Sandra introduced me to it. It is such a wonderful toy that promotes creativity and an activity. Kapla seems like a toy that a whole family can enjoy together. In fact, Sandra says she ends up playing with Kapla longer than her daughters sometimes!




Sandra and her family are about to finish their third year in Mumbai and sadly enough for me and my girls, they are moving back to the U.S. in the summer 2014. I wish I had gotten to know Sandra earlier, but the timing did not work out and the time slipped away.

It feels that one school year is too short to meet and get to know friends. My two cents from my own experience is that if you have a chance to get to know someone whom you like, grab the opportunity and invest your time with her/him. Sometimes you don’t even have the time to regret missing opportunities in a fast pace expat living in a mega city like Mumbai.

My warm wishes to Sandra and her family for their new adventures!!!

Urli & rose petals


  1. says

    What a stunning house and your photos are divine as always!!!! I am sooooooo in love with the bus and bajaj pics on the wall!!! Where are they from? I am hoping you open an online shop of all your cool finds! :))))))))

    • says

      Thank you! The bus and rickshaw paintings are from Mumbai! Aren’t they cool? I have to get the name of the shop where I can find them before my friend leaves!! Thank you for your kind words!

  2. says

    I am planning to move to Mumbai next year from the US. Every time I look up information about life in Mumbai, generally there were pretty negative details, and it was mostly based on the eyes of someone who can’t afford to go out regularly. I was under the notion that this was what MUmbai is all about, but your blog gave me a different glimpse of life in Mumbai. Thank you for this. And I can’t wait to be there! :)

    • says

      Thanks for the comment! I love my life in Mumbai as an expat. Expat life is about perspective in my opinion. It’s not easy, but it can be fun! I hope you’ll enjoy your life in Mumbai as well!!

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