I wrote about the famous cake and chocolate shop in Indonesia called The Harvest almost two years ago. To see the post, please click here. I have been to The Harvest many times in the past two years I have lived in Jakarta, but I’d had no idea that they actually had a cafe to order food until very recently!! I have seen chairs and sofas in the store, but I never paid attention to the customers who sat there. When you go to The Harvest to buy a whole cake, it usually takes between 10 to 20 minutes till you can receive it, so I always thought that the sofas and chairs were for the customers to sit and wait for their cake order.

The sandwiches were actually good and priced very reasonably. I had a glass of blueberry tea, which looked like regular black tea with ground blueberry, and it was quite thirst quenching. It was my Japanese friend who brought me and our another friend to the cafe inside The Harvest. She is a very good resource for many cool places in Jakarta. I was almost shocked to learn that The Harvest actually served cafe food. The Harvest Cafe was perfect for our situation where we needed a place to grab a quick bite.





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