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Swimsuits: Target

When it comes to shopping for kids clothing, I don’t think any store can beat Target for its overall combination of price, design and product quality not only in the U.S. but also in other parts of the world. I’m sure there are a ton of as cute or cuter items found at many other stores, but I can almost guarantee that the original prices cannot compete with Target. Target has never disappointed me with its children’s swim selections. I like the coral pink color swimsuits for girls. I find the color prettier than a typical tone of hot pink.

These photos were taken in Rockport, a small town on the Gulf Coast of Texas. We went to a beach, made a sand castle (we tried…) together and played in the water and on the sand. Our first one is a fish who loves to stay in the water as long as she can and our second one is a lizard who would rather bask in the sun than splash water. The second one decided to stay on the sand and snack on the Gold Fish after she got done with a sand castle while her daddy and sister went back in the water to swim. I did dip in the water for a while, too.

I finally got to the second half of our summer trip in Texas. After that I will move onto our time in Tokyo and then a few posts about Bali. It’s taking a while for me to catch up with the posts from our vacation and it’s not easy! I can’t wait to start writing about Jakarta again! I would like to thank those who have left me with comments in June and July during my vacation. Thank you so much for your comments!! I always read your comments and they mean a lot to me. I am sorry that I don’t always have the time to write you back, but I treasure each one of your comment!




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    I like the fish and lizard analogy. LOL.

    I agree about Target, I recently purchased a striped swimsuit and ballerina shoes for Beli. can’t beat prices and quality.

    can you believe it’s already the month of August? (8 months ago I was celebrating my last days in Croatia, and now…, just finished my last day at my job and starting a new one tomorrow! and Hubby found a job and also starts tomorrow. my poor Beli will have to be waking up earlier than usual)

    • says

      Elisa, thank you so much for the comment! I have to come visit your blog. It’s been a while and I’m sorry!!
      Time flies doesn’t it? You have experienced a life changing move 8 months ago. Wow, you’re starting a new job! And your hubby found a job, too! Congratulations! I’m happy for you guys!

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    I have to agree with you about Le Target… simply can’t beat price, choices, and yes, you’re right again – at that price point…their products have pretty good quality. Sometimes I’m dying to find the perfect top – 10 stores later, I just remembered that Target is there and I usually find what I’m looking for. Don’t know why I often forget that place is a pretty reliable outfit source!The only things that I don’t enjoy from them is the shoe selections…I think payless have better stuff.

    Tutu swimsuit and pedicured toes = the perfect summer!

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    Wahhh! Your eldest looks more and more like you :) And your pics are looking fantastic, I take it someone is having fun with the new camera? ;p

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