Travel Advice For Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Thai Massage

☆ TAXI We used taxi to go to restaurants, but we walked a lot and also used Sky Train/BTS as well as Metro to get around the city. We used this pink taxi (sorry, I don’t even know the name, but they are easily found everywhere) and we had pleasant experience. The drivers seem to know the roads well although hardly any of them spoke good English. We also got help from our hotel staff to explain where we were going before we were getting on a taxi. If you go out in town in Bangkok by taxi and you don’t know your way around, I highly recommend that you write down the address, if possible, have someone write down the address in Thai (ask your concierge, but this is not a must), have a map to the place or a guide-book with you that lists the place you’re going […]

Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok


I have a couple more posts about our visit in Bangkok, Thailand including this. Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, Thailand is the largest market in the world. It is very easy to access as you can go there either by Sky Train or Metro. If you go there with the Sky Train, it is at the last station “Mochit” and with the Metro, you get off at “Chatuchak Park”. We took a Sky Train and I saw the market from the sky line. My eyes got big as the train approached the train station for Chatuchak Market because I saw roofs after roofs of the market and I thought that the length of the market was probably 1 kilometer from one side to the other. That’s a lot of walking and looking! You might be able to tell from the pictures, but there are alleys that are not easy to […]

Crocodile Farm in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Croco Farm

My father has a Thai friend who lives in Bangkok. He kindly drove us to the Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm (21 km East of Bangkok). I originally wanted to take our girls to the Rose Garden where you can see Thai Cultural Show, so we were all driving to the direction to the Rose Garden. So we thought. However, we found out that my father’s friend had the Rose Garden (27 km West of Bangkok) and Ancient City (40 km East of Bangkok) confused, thus we were headed to a wrong place. However, when we realized that we were on the opposite end of the city from the Rose Garden, we were close to the Crocodile Farm and Zoo. I decided that we would make a day out at the crocodile farm and the zoo, which I thought that would be a lot of fun. I was bummed about not going […]

Visiting Wat Pho In Bangkok ☆ Golden Reclining Buddha

Bangkok Wat Pho

Wat Pho is a temple in Bangkok, Thailand where the golden Reclining Buddha rests. We visited Wat Pho after we marveled the Grand Palace. It was only 5 to 10-minute walk. We entered Wat Pho from the gate probably the furthest location from the Reclining Buddha by accident, so we walked around the premises, trying to find the Reclining Buddha. I’m glad that we didn’t enter from the closest gate since it gave me an opportunity to appreciate the architectures on the premises and build up the excitement before I had finally got to see the famous Reclining Buddha. It wasn’t an easy day for our girls though. We did a lot of walking in a hot climate, but they did a great job! I don’t know what it was about Reclining Buddha that made me so excited, but I think buddhas are amazing. Every time I visit Kamakura, Japan, […]

Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand


I feel that my vocabulary is not good enough to describe Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand and my photos do not do justice to this gorgeous architectures. I was ecstatic to visit Grand Palace with my husband and our girls because I have always wanted to visit Grand Palace since I was in high school. I waited for all these years!! I absolutely loved it. My youngest wanted to take a photo of me, so here is one of those she took. Then, my first daughter wanted to take a photo of her little sister, so here it is. My younger daughter is refusing to get closer and my older one is forcing. ADMISSION FEE The entrance fee was 350 Bahts (about US$12). We did not pay for our 6-year-old and 3-year-old. HOW TO GET THERE We took a Sky Train and went to Saphan Taksin Station. We got on […]

Recommended Restaurants in Bangkok Thailand Part2


This is the second part of Restaurant Recommendations in Bangkok. (For Part 1 click here) I spent so much time searching correct addresses for the restaurants I introduce here online, I decided to break down the post into two parts. It feels like different sites list different addresses and when I look up an address on google map, incorrect locations show up. I was confused and wasted so much time just researching and trying to locate the correct information. My advice for those of you who will be traveling to Bangkok for the first time is that you check several sources to make sure that you get the correct address. (Trip Adviser doesn’t always list accurate addresses for Bangkok restaurants.) Write it down and if possible, print out the map you find to show it to a taxi driver. Ask a hotel concierge or receptionist about the restaurant. If where […]

Recommended Restaurants in Bangkok Part 1

Bangkok Restaurant

We were in Bangkok only for 5 full days, so it wasn’t enough for us to know many places, but those are the places we went. There are many other places my friends recommended and I wanted to try, but we simply didn’t have enough time to explore them all. I hope the restaurant information I share in this post will be of any help for the future travelers to Bangkok. 11 Gallery 11 Gallery is a wonderful place to experience reasonably priced Thai food and atmosphere. I loved 11 Gallery especially for its ambiance. 11 Gallery was a perfect restaurant to spend our last evening of our trip in Bangkok. The location is in the heart of touristy area with hustle and bustle, but when you are at 11 Gallery, it feels like you are in an oasis and you forget that you’re in a busy and lively city […]

Snap Shots Of Trip In Bangkok


My sweet husband took our girls and me on his business trip to Bangkok. The first three days we were there I was on my own with the girls to explore the city of Bangkok while my husband was working. Therefore, some (not all) of the photos you see here are taken when I went out with my kids during the day. I’m afraid they are not in good quality as taking photos while I have my eyes on my girls in a foreign city is not so easy if you know what I mean. I hope you still enjoy seeing what I saw in Bangkok! Bangkok is beautiful with historical and cultural sites packed in a big metropolitan city. I have so many more pictures from the trip. The photos I took at Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Crocodile Farm and Chatuchak Market will be posted in later posts. Tomorrow, […]

Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Conrad Bangkok Hotel and President Palace Hotel


We stayed at two hotels in Bangkok. Why? We made this trip because my husband had a business trip. Fortunately for me and our girls, we got to tag along. I am very grateful that he was willing to carry an extra luggage, yes, us, with him. While we were there during his business trip, his office paid him to stay at Conrad Bangkok Hotel. His training ended on Friday, but we wanted to stay in Bangkok two extra days on Saturday and Sunday. For our personal stay, our lodging was obviously our own responsibility and because it was a little pricey for us to stay at Conrad Bangkok Hotel (although we would’ve loved it!!), we decided to move to a hotel that fits better to our budget. Their hotel key had a leather cover. So chic!!! We liked this elephant toy, but we didn’t know if we could take […]

Bangkok Trip Thailand


I had a lovely opportunity to tag along with my husband on his business trip to Bangkok with our kids. It just happened that his training in Bangkok coincided with Chinese New Year in Indonesia and my older daughter’s school had a five-day weekend. We weren’t sure if we could afford this trip even though part of the trip was taken care of because we just came back from our trip in Vietnam not even a month ago. My husband and I looked at our bank account, calculated possible expenditure in the future, and came to a conclusion that we could do it although we might have to live on rice and cup noodles for a while. Believe it or not, I’m a type of person who would choose a more comfortable daily life over one week of fun traveling, so I voted for not going at first, but in […]