Mother’s Day Brunch ☆ Sofitel Mumbai

Mother's Day Brunch10

When do you celebrate Mother’s Day? There are many different days to celebrate Mother’s Day in the world. I feel that mothers in the world deserve to be appreciated everyday, but it is still wonderful that many countries dedicate one day a year of recognition for mothers for their hard work. For us we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. If my husband asks me what I want to do for the day, the only wish I have for the day is to not stay in the kitchen washing dishes and preparing meals all day. With 3 kids, you can spend a lot of time in a kitchen. I love spending a relaxing time with my family at a brunch, so I told him that and he arranged a brunch for us to go on Mother’s Day. Even though in reality it might not be all that […]

Bollywood Dance Party ☆ Dessert Table ☆ TH Bakes

Dessert Table-10

This is the dessert table I had for my daughters’ Bollywood Dance Birthday Party. If you would like to see what Bollywood Dance Birthday Party was like, please click here to view the photos on the post “How To Steal Bollywood Dance Party”. How to Steal This Pom Poms Two-Tier Server Cake Stand Mini Cake Stand Pink Plates Pink Cups Cutlery Cocktail Napkins   TH BAKES I could not have made this happen without TH Bakes‘ beautiful and delicious cupcakes, sugar cookies and other sweets! Thank you, TH Bakes!!   TH Bakes, the American style Patisserie in Mumbai, India, was started by Bernie and Bennet David in 2008 to financially support the orphanage, Tender Hands. Tender Hands was also started by them a year prior that in order to help children at the risk of being trafficked, HIV+ children, orphans and children of Commercial Sex-Workers in Mumbai. TH Bakes teaches […]

Adrian’s Adventures in Indonesia

Adiran's Adventure in Indonesia-2

I’m dedicating this post to my friends, Jaime (Jaime Teahen Sanders), the creator of the book “Adrian’s Adventures in Indonesia” and Liz (Elizabeth LaVally), who is an illustrator for the book. I met Jaime when I lived in Indonesia. She was one of the girl friends with whom I went Siem Reap, Cambodia in December, 2011 for a race. You can see some photos of us in my posts about Siem Reap, Cambodia under Travel tab. She’s one of the inspiring friends who worked and always had multiple projects going on when I knew her in Indonesia. I remember when she had told me about the idea of writing and publishing a children’s book and have illustration done by our friend, Liz. Not too long after that she really published a children’s book “Adrian’s Adventures in Indonesia”. I was floored. It taught me that if you set your mind to […]

Bad Mommy Moments ☆ A Story of Motherhood That Will Brighten Your Dark Days

Bad Mommy Moments-5

Every parent has his/her own parenting stories. It feels as though there are more glorious stories available out there than stories of low moments or what the author of Bad Mommy Moments, Cindy, describes as the parenting moments that suck. Often times many parents don’t share the moments that make you feel like you’re failing with their friends, but those are the stories that sometimes people need to hear to feel encouraged. Cindy is the one who can tell you the stories. With her magic words. Bad Mommy Moments is a collection of classic parenting and post-birth relationship stories that we, the moms, all share to some degree. Cindy adds a spice of humor to her parenting stories which will make you laugh. Even though I gladly accepted the endeavor as a parent almost 9 years ago, it has never been easy. I often have moments where I feel like […]

Immersion in Japan ☆ My Daughter’s First Experience at Japanese Elementary School

First Day of Immersion in Japan 3

日本語訳は英文の後 My three kids have dual nationalities. They are a Japanese national from me and an American national from my husband. What is their identity or identities? It’s hard to say because they live neither in Japan nor in the United States. They have lived in the third country in the past 3 years and will do so again in the next 3 years, which I find very valuable for them. We keep both Japanese and English languages spoken at home as I speak to my kids in Japanese and my husband speaks to them in English. We try to keep the Japanese and American cultures at home as much as possible although I don’t do a very good job with the Japanese culture… Keeping double cultures requires a lot of efforts on parent’s part, in our case, my part. This summer I was able to realize one of my […]

Chicco Little Driver Walker ☆ Favorite Baby Toy My Son Had

Chicco Walker12

My son played in Chicco Little Driver Walker for almost 6 months. My friend passed it to me after her daughter had outgrown the Chicco Little Driver Walker. I gladly inherited it. He was 6 months old at the time and he loved it. Then around 10 months or so, he started crawling and I thought maybe he didn’t want to ride it any more, but he used it up till he was 12 months old. The Chicco Little Driver Walker used to be his walker and then it turned into his baby scooter ride. He would be running in Chicco Little Driver Walker. You hear his food steps. Flap, flap, flap! Sliiiiiiiiiiide My older two girls used to love an Excersaucer that I borrowed from my friend when they were babies. An Excersaucer was a life saver and a great 30-minute baby sitter. The Chicco Little Driver Walker for […]

6 Months


My son turned 6 months old. After taking these photos, he had a huge blow up in his diaper and had to be changed. Life with a baby… Poop and spilling. Then at 3:00 pm he had a 6-month well-baby check up. From 2 months to 6 months, there are so many vaccinations for babies to receive! He had to be poked 3 times. Poor baby. I would’ve been crying, too, if I had to get 3 shots in one day. Not fun at all. He still cannot sit up by himself unless there is some support. Even if with some support, he falls on his side after 15 seconds. In Japanese, there is a proverb “Fall seven times and get up eight”. It means “when life knocks you down, stand back up.” Life is all about keep trying and working hard, don’t you think?

Baby & Suitcase


My chub is in the suitcase. When you are traveling, you don’t have toys and tools that you own to entertain your baby as you do at home. My baby was 4 months when we visited our families back home in Texas and Tokyo. We could not travel with Bambo even though it was perfect for his age at that time. He gets bored if he’s lying around all the time. So this was my solution. I made a hole with a pile of clothes in my husband’s suitcase and let my baby sit in it while I got ready in the morning. What’s up? This shirt tastes good.

Monday Mode ☆ JCrew Giraffe T-Shirt ☆ First Day Of School

JCrew Giraffe T-Shirt01

J.Crew giraffe T-shirt and J.Crew shorts are the outfit my daughter picked out for the first day of school. I gave her a little help, but ultimately she made the decision and I was pleased with it. I bought this shirt and shorts in the States at the J.Crew store in the outlet mall. Shopping at outlet stores in Bandung was kind of fun, but there is nothing like outlet malls in the U.S. The wonderful two-month long summer vacation was over and the schools resumed for my children. Now we are getting back in the swing of things. It was nice to have relaxing mornings with my kids and let my kids play without worrying about homework. Although I feel a bit stressed about the kids back in school until I feel more adjusted to the school routines, I must admit that it is nice in some way that […]

Silly Girl

Silly Y

My kids like to act silly. My second daughter is naturally funny, but she’s also very shy and would not show her funny side to others other than family members. Here are some snap shots of her being silly. They were actually taken a year ago. How time flies! She might hate me for posting these photos when she grows older… I hope she’ll forgive me because I love these photos and I adore her for her sense of humor. The contrast is interesting. My second child in the photo on the right is usually how she appears in public, quiet and shy.