Mother’s Day Brunch ☆ Sofitel Mumbai

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When do you celebrate Mother’s Day? There are many different days to celebrate Mother’s Day in the world. I feel that mothers in the world deserve to be appreciated everyday, but it is still wonderful that many countries dedicate one day a year of recognition for mothers for their hard work. For us we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May.

If my husband asks me what I want to do for the day, the only wish I have for the day is to not stay in the kitchen washing dishes and preparing meals all day. With 3 kids, you can spend a lot of time in a kitchen. I love spending a relaxing time with my family at a brunch, so I told him that and he arranged a brunch for us to go on Mother’s Day. Even though in reality it might not be all that relaxing with the young kids like my active toddler son, it’s still lovely to be able to have a moment of peace, sit and freely pick whatever you feel like eating from many choices.

Brunch buffets are not cheap. I picked Sofitel because I heard that kids were free, but only kids at the age of 5 and under are free and the kids at the age between 6 and 11 are charged the half price for an adult, which is 1,100 Rupees (about US$18) before tax. My second daughter had a few bites of food and a scoop of ice cream. Sigh. We also thought that we could use our discount card, but it was a black out day for any discount as it was Mother’s Day. I felt badly that I suggested it for Mother’s Day because it ended up being more expensive than I anticipated. My husband, however, told me that it was okay because we don’t give gifts on Mother’s and Father’s Day, so spending money on food is fine. I did have a great time!

As for brunch in Mumbai, there are variety of options. The ones that are popular that I am aware of are Grand Hyatt (we went there for Christmas and it was very nice!), Sofitel, Novotel, JW Marriot, Trident and so forth. I am sure there are many more.

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This is Reuel Benedict Collective Band. I thought that their performance was very good and they have beautiful voices.

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Mother's Day Brunch

I recognize that there are women in the world who want to have a baby, but they cannot. I think it’s wonderful in the U.S. that adoption is more common and accessible. In Japan it is still not common and I hope that will change in the future.

I believe that one becomes a mom not because she gives birth, but because she raises children. My children made me a mom in a sense that they teach me many things through my interaction with them. I grow up as a mom with my kids. I am still learning so much.

I hope all the mothers in the world had a wonderful mother’s day!

Bollywood Dance Party ☆ Dessert Table ☆ TH Bakes

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Dessert Table

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How to Steal This

Pom Poms
Two-Tier Server
Cake Stand
Mini Cake Stand
Pink Plates
Pink Cups
Cocktail Napkins


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There was no way that I could have made this happen without TH Bakes‘ beautiful and delicious cupcakes, sugar cookies and other sweets! Thank you, TH Bakes!!
TH Bakes, the American style Patisserie in Mumbai, India, was started by Bernie and Bennet David in 2008 to financially support the orphanage, Tender Hands. Tender Hands was also started by them a year prior that in order to help children at the risk of being trafficked, HIV+ children, orphans and children of Commercial Sex-Workers in Mumbai. TH Bakes teaches and hires woman who have been challenged by life. The proceed of TH Bakes goes to Tender Hands.


How To Order
Please go to TH Bakes’ website and click on How to Order (or click here).
To view their menu, click here.

TEL: 93204 41921 / 93231 66963

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Adrian’s Adventures in Indonesia

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I’m dedicating this post to my friends, Jaime (Jaime Teahen Sanders), the creator of the book “Adrian’s Adventures in Indonesia” and Liz (Elizabeth LaVally), who is an illustrator for the book.

I met Jaime when I lived in Indonesia. She was one of the girl friends with whom I went Siem Reap, Cambodia in December, 2011 for a race. You can see some photos of us in my posts about Siem Reap, Cambodia under Travel tab. She’s one of the inspiring friends who worked and always had multiple projects going on when I knew her in Indonesia. I remember when she had told me about the idea of writing and publishing a children’s book and have illustration done by our friend, Liz. Not too long after that she really published a children’s book “Adrian’s Adventures in Indonesia”. I was floored. It taught me that if you set your mind to achieve a goal and dedicate your time and energy for it, you can realize it.

Adiran's Adventure in Indonesia-2

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I met Liz for the first time through Jaime. I always knew her as a working mom with the U.S. Air Force which I was already impressed with. Until Jaime told me that Liz was going to illustrate for her book, I had no idea that she was an artist. She totally surprised me with her talent. I love the soft lines of color pencils in the illustrations which feel very warm. At the time when she was drawing for the book, her boys were very young and I was impressed that she had managed to find the time to illustrate. It seems that I can’t find enough time to do everything I need to do these days!

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Adrian’s Adventures in Indonesia teach children (and adults) about Indonesia’s different islands, their natural habitats and the environments with words and illustrations. It would make a great gift for children who have lived there for memorabilia and for children who are moving to Indonesia in the future to get them excited about their own new adventures. For someone moving to Indonesia, what can be more appropriate than to give “Adrian’s Adventures in Indonesia” as a farewell present? Even if you don’t have any ties with Indonesia, this would be a great book to teach children about Indonesia.

“Adrian’s Adventures in Indonesia” is available at the following stores online.
Barnes & Noble.
*The author would love it if you could write a review of the story on the sites if you have already read the book!

If you are in Indonesia, you can order the book online or ask your local bookstore to order it or stock it.

I would like to also add that a portion of the proceeds from the book will support the fight against child trafficking.

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