Beach Birthday Party


Last week my friend, Meredith, whom I wrote about on this blog before, and her husband had a birthday party for their second son at a lake in their neighborhood. It was a gorgeous summer day and perfect for a beach party. I drove 45 minutes south on the interstate from where we live to attend their son’s birthday party. I have known their second son for 4 years since his birth in Okinawa, Japan. I was very happy that I finally made it to his birthday party. In the past it always happened that by his birthday we were out of town visiting families in summer. It was a happy occasion to celebrate the birthday of my friend’s son. At the same time, it ended up being a tough day for me and my girls as we had to say goodbye to our best friends in the past 4 […]

Visiting Great Falls


We went to the Great Falls Park in Northern Virginia. I didn’t even know that this national park existed in Northern Virginia. Shame on me! My husband’s colleagues had a picnic at the park on Memorial Day and we were invited. We just spent 2.5 hours on the road to drive back from Pennsylvania in early morning of Memorial Day. I felt so exhausted that I was very close from saying I didn’t think I would make it when I was preparing picnic lunch. My body felt like being jet-lagged. I was glad we went though. I met some cool people. It’s too bad that I met them at the very end of our time here. It always happens. Before we went to picnic, we showered and I fixed lunch. We ended up being about 2 hours late than the rest of the group to arrive at the picnic site. […]

Clemyjontri Park in McLean Virginia


This is Clemyjontri Park aka Clemy. My friends’ kids call Clemyjontri Park a rainbow Park. It is located in McLean, Virginia. Clemyjontri Park is a park built for children with and without disabilities and all the areas of the park is wheelchair-accessible. The size of the playground is said to be 10 times bigger than regular playgrounds in Fairfax County. Clemyjontri Park has four sections and they are centered around the carousel which opens during spring and summer time. It is a children’s wonderland. How wonderful is it that children with and without disabilities can play side by side at Clemyjontri Park. The story behind is also very touching to me. Mrs. Adele Lebowitz, the widow of Mr. Lebowitz, the founder and owner of Morton’s Department Store in Washington, D.C., donated the land to the Fairfax County instead of selling the land to developers. The name of the park Clemyjontri […]