Apartment Inspiration


Above is the photos of our friends’ nursery. I love the combination of simple and modern in this nursery. The mint green is refreshing for a baby boy’s room. Do you know that green has calming effect? I love the giraffe wall sticker. I’ve never seen one like that before. The furniture is absolutely adorable. I wish I researched more when we bought baby furniture during our first pregnancy. This is the master bedroom. When we went to visit them in New York City, they kindly offered us to use their bed and we, the invaders, took. What kind of guests are we…? They slept in their baby’s nursery. I don’t have a photo of the sofa bed, but they have a cute sofa bed in their baby’s room. I felt horrible. Our friend says she can’t stand clutter. Me, too. Everything was in place and neatly organized. I feel […]

Streets of New York


There were many things I felt about New York City during our trip. 1. People j-walk pretty much everywhere. The stop lights were not respected by pedestrians and as long as there was no car, you cross the street. 2. There were many interesting vendors on the streets of New York City. 3. It seems that many subway stations do not have escalator or elevator and people with strollers have to climb up and down the stairs while carrying their strollers. Thank goodness my husband was with me to do that. The stations in the city made the DC metro stations look more modern to me. The elaborate systems of subways in New York City reminded me of Tokyo. I wish DC would model after the systems of public transportation in New York City. 4. Yellow Cabs, which seem to be a symbol of the city, added a splash of […]

New York ☆ Brooklyn Flea


We went to the Brooklyn Flea on Saturday last week during our trip to New York City. If you live in the area and haven’t checked out the market, you have got to go!! Great food and lots of trouvailles. I learned about the Brooklyn Flea through a blogger I follow. When I told my friend who lives in the area about the Brooklyn Flea, she told me that it’s very well-known and she would come out to the market when we’re in town, so I thought that would be a good way to spend a Saturday morning with our friends on this trip. I met a blogger Fresh Local and Best in front of this bakery. How we started talking was like this. She was standing behind my second daughter and witnessed my little rascal lick her finger and touched this tempting-looking brownie cookie. My husband and I reprimanded […]

New York ☆ FAO Schwarz


We walked into the FAO Schwarz thinking there was a place to eat. Our sweet friends wanted to pick a kid friendly place to eat and there used to be a cafeteria at FAO Schwarz, but apparently it no longer exists there. There were not many options around the area, so we ended up eating at a cafe right next to the store. After we ate, we walked back into FAO Schwarz. What a fun store it is!!! It was like an amusement park version of a toy store. There are 3 stories and we saw two floors. We looked at some dress-up dresses. The section was overloaded with pink and purple. Our girls spent a good amount of time at the Big Piano section on the second floor. After their exercising on the piano, we walked around a little and saw a Barbie doll section. You can’t miss a […]