Apartment Inspiration

Above is the photos of our friends’ nursery. I love the combination of simple and modern in this nursery. The mint green is refreshing for a baby boy’s room. Do you know that green has calming effect? I love the giraffe wall sticker. I’ve never seen one like that before. The furniture is absolutely adorable. I wish I researched more when we bought baby furniture during our first pregnancy.

This is the master bedroom. When we went to visit them in New York City, they kindly offered us to use their bed and we, the invaders, took. What kind of guests are we…? They slept in their baby’s nursery. I don’t have a photo of the sofa bed, but they have a cute sofa bed in their baby’s room. I felt horrible. Our friend says she can’t stand clutter. Me, too. Everything was in place and neatly organized. I feel like my place is filled with clutter compared to their apartment!

I love their entertainment center in the photo below. I wanted something like this for ourselves, but it was more expensive than what we ended up purchasing, plus for the storage purpose, we needed something much bigger just like ours. Maybe someday, when we have a bigger place, we can buy a white entertainment center!

I have to figure out how I can make my place look neat and organized. I believe that the key is to only own what you really love and need. We don’t own many things, but we have definitely accumulated a bunch of stuff in the past year and half we’ve been here. Living near Target and IKEA do that to you.

These are the night view they have. Breath taking. I will not get bored living there. I have to show you the view from our apartment window.

Seriously, I would love to go over to the office building that is facing our apartment building, go up to the offices on the same level as ours and facing our apartment and find out what those people working in those offices have been seeing.

The view during the day from our friend’s apartment in New York City. You can see Central Park from the window. I thought that you don’t need paintings in this apartment. The scenery provided by the window accessorizes your room. I know that if we lived in New York City, our standard of living would be different, but still I can’t help feeling that the life in New York City is dazzling.

Streets of New York

There were many things I felt about New York City during our trip.

1. People j-walk pretty much everywhere. The stop lights were not respected by pedestrians and as long as there was no car, you cross the street.

2. There were many interesting vendors on the streets of New York City.

3. It seems that many subway stations do not have escalator or elevator and people with strollers have to climb up and down the stairs while carrying their strollers. Thank goodness my husband was with me to do that. The stations in the city made the DC metro stations look more modern to me. The elaborate systems of subways in New York City reminded me of Tokyo. I wish DC would model after the systems of public transportation in New York City.

4. Yellow Cabs, which seem to be a symbol of the city, added a splash of yellow to monotonous look of the streets. The cab drivers are not shy about using their honks. I wish the taxi fare in DC is as cheap as it is in NYC.

5. New York City is such a photogenic city. Any photo taken in the city looks classy.

6. When the sun came out, the streets looked very different. It looked much more cheerful.

I loved the city. I was telling my husband that if I was single or we didn’t have kids and he said let’s move to New York City, I would do that in a heart beat. However, with small kids like ours’ ages with one income, I can’t imagine starting a new life there. We simply cannot afford a life in this city. If I ever have a good paying job and our kids are old enough to not be in daycare, maybe the situation is different. Maybe one day…? Who knows.

New York ☆ Brooklyn Flea

We went to the Brooklyn Flea on Saturday last week during our trip to New York City. If you live in the area and haven’t checked out the market, you have got to go!! Great food and lots of trouvailles.

I learned about the Brooklyn Flea through a blogger I follow. When I told my friend who lives in the area about the Brooklyn Flea, she told me that it’s very well-known and she would come out to the market when we’re in town, so I thought that would be a good way to spend a Saturday morning with our friends on this trip.

I met a blogger Fresh Local and Best in front of this bakery. How we started talking was like this. She was standing behind my second daughter and witnessed my little rascal lick her finger and touched this tempting-looking brownie cookie. My husband and I reprimanded our girl right away, which made her cry and she, the blogger, felt bad for her. We exchanged a few words then. I noticed that she had a nice camera and started taking some close-up photos of the pastries and so did I. Then we started talking. She was very approachable and friendly. I found out that she was there for a bake sale and was a food blogger. She is originally from San Francisco and moved out to New York recently with her husband. I am so new to the blogging world that I had no idea blogging can bring people together and bloggers can start conversation just like that. It was my very first experience to meet another blogger in person in a random place and I am so glad it was her. It was the coolest experience and I loved it.

I was still talking to the blogger when I got in front of a booth called “australianScent” which sells products for eczema. I was telling her that I had this really bad case of eczema on my hands. It itches like crazy. I’ve invested in so many hand cream products, but it seems that nothing really works, blah blah. I didn’t even see this booth when I was telling her my story, then we parted. I started taking pictures of this Dutch caramel wafers, whose booth was right in front of australianScent. Shortly after that, she called me and said “speaking of eczema…” and pointed out to the booth. There it was, the store that sells the product I needed for my hands. The vendors, who are married to each other, were super nice and even gave me some sample cream for my eczema after they took a look at my hands. I’m wearing it right now and it smells like lemon candy. Their products are also sold at Whole Foods, so I decided to see how the cream work for me and make a decision whether I want to use this cream or not. The vendors were really nice. It was lovely meeting the vendors.

While I was at austraianScent, our friends who live in Brooklyn arrived. They picked up some lunch from the vendors. One of them was from asia dogs. I was already curious about the food from asia dog and what my friend had in her hand looked so good that I got two asian inspired hot dogs for lunch. One for my younger daughter and one for myself. I bought a kimchi dog with kimchi on the side and Japanese curry dog, which had some kick to it and tasted addictive. I love spicy food. By the way, I completely forgot to take the photos of my hot dog because I basically scarfed it down. Dang.

I loved these cards. I don’t know why I didn’t purchase their cards. I am a type of person who needs a lot of time to think about an item before buying it, so maybe that’s why. They have a store on Etsy, so I figured if I really want their work, I could go there. I think those cards would look pretty in frames, don’t you think? Here’s their store. BEAU IDEAL

We saw our older daughter double dipping her sample bread in the olive oil. My goodness. I guess we need to teach our kids manners. Since open sandwich looked really good and we felt bad for our daughter’s double dipping, we bought one. I think it went to my husband’s stomach since I didn’t see it. I was too busy snapping away to even get a bite.

I bought one mini cupcake at KUMQUAT Cupcakery. It was coffee cake with caramel on the icing. Delicious! I think my older daughter ate more than half of it and it was smaller than the size of my 2-year-old’s fist. I should have bought a whole bunch, right?

Strolling around the flea market.

We bought a package of dip at KORS d’OEUVRES for our friends who hosted us. We hope our friends liked it!

Here is something delicious for the ladies’ eyes.

I had a blast. The only regret I have is that I didn’t get to spend much time with our friends because I was so busy taking photos and talking to people. I didn’t mention at the beginning, but there was another intention I had for going to the Brooklyn Flea. I was fantasizing the idea of meeting my favorite blogger who also participate in the Brooklyn Flea as a vendor. She and her husband has a confectionery store called whimsy&spice. I didn’t get to meet her as she and her husband were not at the flea market last weekend. I was sad, but what can I do? I am glad I still went though. It was definitely worth checking out and I highly recommend you visiting Brooklyn Flea. It wasn’t crowded when we went probably because it was still chilly and the forecast said it might rain. I heard from different people that in summer time, it gets so crowded that going there with a stroller is very difficult. At least we didn’t experience that.

I would love to go back to Brooklyn Flea next time we visit New York City in the future. Till then I will enjoy it virtually.