Snap Shots ☆ Summer 2013

kids & park-5

After we put a closure to our wonderful 3 years in Jakarta, my family and I flew to Tokyo. I stayed there with my 3 kids for 3 weeks at my parents’ place. During those 3 weeks, I hardly took pictures. Or blogged. Or used email. Part of it was withdrawal. The last month in Jakarta to prepare for the big move with 3 young children was exhausting. More importantly I didn’t have the time to do so in Tokyo. How do parents find the time when they take care of 3 young kids or more? Then I flew with my 3 kids, 8-year-old, 5-year-old, and 16-month-old, from Tokyo to the Washington metropolitan area to join my husband. With the jet-lag, I could hardly find the time to get on internet. I started taking photos again, but a week into my return to the U.S. I left my precious camera […]

Lunch Set Menu ☆ KOI Mahakam

KOI Mahakam Lunch Set-1

*日本語は下にあります。 I attended my first farewell get together last week with my Japanese friends. I have roughly a month left till our departure and it already started. Eight Japanese friends and I had lunch together at KOI Mahakam, which is the topic of this post, but please allow me to write a bit about personal side. In the past 2 years and 9 months of my stay in Jakarta, I have bid farewell to many of my friends. The turn over in the expat community every year is big in this city. I knew that my turn would come eventually at the end of our 3-year assignment, but now it has really arrived, it feels strange. In some way I don’t want any farewell gatherings for myself. I want my farewell to be a regular “see you”. I almost wish that I quietly leave Jakarta without saying a formal bye […]

Inspirations For Blogging ☆ What Keeps Me Going

Baby Toad

If I am asked what inspires me to blog, I would probably say my children. Seeing little steps my children take in their development such as my son chewing on his own toes is always fascinating to me and keeping these moments with my camera became important to me. I want to record the precious moments as I raise them, and also share the hardship I go through in a hope that it will help some other parents out there. After some experiments with my middle child who was a very difficult child to feed as a toddler, I wrote a post “Raising A Finicky Eater” where I listed what helped me to get her interested in eating more. I have written a couple of episodes about my frustration with potty training such as “Poop or Get Off the Potty” and “Color Analysis III – Cosmetics” (The title sounds nothing […]

My Muse ☆ Expat Life & Blogging About My Finds

KOI Kemang Interior03

Photo Above Taken at KOI Kemang Do you want to know why I have a “Friday Finds” column? For those who don’t know, I am Japanese living in Jakarta, Indonesia. Being an expat encounters a lot of challenges. Getting acclimated to a new country is a daunting task not to mention managing to survive in a city where people speak a different language from your is intimidating. Thus, I thought that I wanted my blog to be a place where people can come and grab the information that they need in order to make their lives easier. If you have moved to a completely new city whether that being in your home country or overseas, you probably know that starting in a new place from zero means that you depend on the information out there for restaurants and shops. One way to do it is to ask friends, expat or […]

6 Months


My son turned 6 months old. After taking these photos, he had a huge blow up in his diaper and had to be changed. Life with a baby… Poop and spilling. Then at 3:00 pm he had a 6-month well-baby check up. From 2 months to 6 months, there are so many vaccinations for babies to receive! He had to be poked 3 times. Poor baby. I would’ve been crying, too, if I had to get 3 shots in one day. Not fun at all. He still cannot sit up by himself unless there is some support. Even if with some support, he falls on his side after 15 seconds. In Japanese, there is a proverb “Fall seven times and get up eight”. It means “when life knocks you down, stand back up.” Life is all about keep trying and working hard, don’t you think?

50 mm lens


There are times I cannot wait till my youngest, the third child, who is 5.5 months right now, starts kindergarten. Then other times, I wish my kids don’t grow up so fast. I want to preserve precious moments and expressions of my three kids. That’s why I take photos. I still have a lot to learn and have so little time right now, but I love taking photos. I snap away with my Canon EOS Rebel T2i with 50 mm lens in a hope that I can keep some decent shots with my kids. If I can have some photos that remind me of the happy moments with my kids when I am older, I’m good.

Monday Mode ☆ JCrew Giraffe T-Shirt ☆ First Day Of School

JCrew Giraffe T-Shirt01

J.Crew giraffe T-shirt and J.Crew shorts are the outfit my daughter picked out for the first day of school. I gave her a little help, but ultimately she made the decision and I was pleased with it. I bought this shirt and shorts in the States at the J.Crew store in the outlet mall. Shopping at outlet stores in Bandung was kind of fun, but there is nothing like outlet malls in the U.S. The wonderful two-month long summer vacation was over and the schools resumed for my children. Now we are getting back in the swing of things. It was nice to have relaxing mornings with my kids and let my kids play without worrying about homework. Although I feel a bit stressed about the kids back in school until I feel more adjusted to the school routines, I must admit that it is nice in some way that […]

Kids ☆ Seven, Four & Four Months


We spent our first summer vacation with 3 kids in 2012. My three kids were seven years old, four years old and four months old. We are having many “first time” experiences as a family of five. This was the first time for our baby to go into the swimming pool with his two big sisters. I must say that it is the small mundane things that give me joy of having three kids. These photos were taken at my husband’s grandmother’s beautiful patio. My husband’s grandmother can be an interior designer. She’s really talented and her house is dazzling. Little one with crossed legs. Don’t you think he kind of looks like a grown up? My friends with grown up kids often told me that I should enjoy the time with my kids when they were little because they grow up fast. I think I finally see what they […]

Silly Girl

Silly Y

My kids like to act silly. My second daughter is naturally funny, but she’s also very shy and would not show her funny side to others other than family members. Here are some snap shots of her being silly. They were actually taken a year ago. How time flies! She might hate me for posting these photos when she grows older… I hope she’ll forgive me because I love these photos and I adore her for her sense of humor. The contrast is interesting. My second child in the photo on the right is usually how she appears in public, quiet and shy.

Flying Daughter


It was the last day of school. Bunch of school friends got together for a pool play date. Some people are leaving Jakarta for good to move onto their next destinations. I brought my camera to take photos of the kids, but I ended up being too busy with my baby son and also chatting with friends. A couple of hours later I saw that my daughter was playing by herself, so I picked up my camera and got to her. This is what I did to entertain ourselves. Below was a photo project I did with my first daughter. She jumped from a diving board and I took photos. Just like the “yowayowa camera woman diary” blog. Have you seen this? It’s really interesting. Here are some that came out more decent than others. Oh, hello! Yippeeeeeee!! You surprised me! I can also sit in the air! I am […]