Snap Shots ☆ Summer 2013

on the cell phone

After we put a closure to our wonderful 3 years in Jakarta, my family and I flew to Tokyo. I stayed there with my 3 kids for 3 weeks at my parents’ place. During those 3 weeks, I hardly took pictures. Or blogged. Or used email. Part of it was withdrawal. The last month in Jakarta to prepare for the big move with 3 young children was exhausting. More importantly I didn’t have the time to do so in Tokyo. How do parents find the time when they take care of 3 young kids or more?

Then I flew with my 3 kids, 8-year-old, 5-year-old, and 16-month-old, from Tokyo to the Washington metropolitan area to join my husband. With the jet-lag, I could hardly find the time to get on internet. I started taking photos again, but a week into my return to the U.S. I left my precious camera in my friend’s hotel room probably because I was a bit of a scatterbrain. Luckily I was able to get it back. After that though, I became too worried to take my camera to any place because I can’t trust myself to not forget my camera.

Therefore, I only have a much smaller number of photos to document our time in some cities we’ve stayed than I wished to have for this summer. This was the best I could.

kids Japan & VAkids & parkKids in VA

Now here I am in Texas visiting my husband’s family, I finally have the time to sit down, edit photos, get online and be connected with the outside world. We’ve been here for a week and it has been great. I have been a spectator on Facebook as opposed to an active user for a while. I have posted some updates on Facebook in the recent past, but I decided to use my blog to post the photos I have taken more recently. I have some reasons for it, but one of them is that I figured this would be the best especially to fill in quickly about what has been going on with me in the past month or so.

The Ceranas in Arlington 2013 -1Y&A in VAY&A in VA1Y&A in VA2Y&A in VA3Y&A in VA4Y&A in VA5Kids & Friends in VA3Kids & Friends in VAKids & Friends in VA1Kids & Friends in VA2

I still have some photos of the wonderful places in Jakarta that I visited in the last month that I would love to feature on my blog and many photos I have taken during my trip to Bali in May, 2013, which have been sitting in my computer since then. I hope you will come back to my blog to see these photos in the future. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these photos I have taken and edited thus far.

Lunch Set Menu ☆ KOI Mahakam

KOI Mahakam Lunch Set-4

I attended my first farewell get together last week with my Japanese friends. I have roughly a month left till our departure and it already started. Eight Japanese friends and I had lunch together at KOI Mahakam, which is the topic of this post, but please allow me to write a bit about personal side.

In the past 2 years and 9 months of my stay in Jakarta, I have bid farewell to many of my friends. The turn over in the expat community every year is big in this city. I knew that my turn would come eventually at the end of our 3-year assignment, but now it has really arrived, it feels strange. In some way I don’t want any farewell gatherings for myself. I want my farewell to be a regular “see you”. I almost wish that I quietly leave Jakarta without saying a formal bye to my friends. Why? It’s easier emotionally that way. I have already teared up a couple of times with the thought of leaving Jakarta. At the same time though, I recognize that I need a closure to our time in Jakarta and maybe the farewell parties are the answer.

先日、ジャカルタで初めての私のお別れ会に行ってきました。ジャカルタを離れるまで残す所1ヶ月あまりとなったのですが、もう始まりました。8人の日本人の友人と私でKOI Mahakam(マハカム)へ行ってきました。KOI Mahakamが今回の本題なのですが、少しだけ私事を語らせて下さい。


KOI Mahakam Lunch Set-2

Now back on the topic, the lunch at KOI Mahakam – it was fantastic. KOI Mahakam recently started a lunch set menu which is a great deal for everyone. Only for IDR 95,000 ++ (about US$9.5), you can either get a combination of an appetizer and main dish or a main dish and dessert. I ordered the chicken dish in the photo above and apple crumble. YUM! My friends who know that I have a blog encouraged me to take photos of their dishes. Aren’t they nice? The apple crumble come with a homemade ice cream made by Benoit, the head chef of KOI Mahakam as well as KOI Kemang. I love anything homemade, but I have a weak spot for a homemade ice cream. It was delicious!

この記事の本題に戻りますと、KOI Mahakam(マハカム)でのランチ – とても良かったですよ〜。実はKOI Mahakam(マハカム)は最近ランチセットメニューを始めました。95,000ルピア++(950円くらい)で前菜と主菜の組み合わせか主菜とデザートの組み合わせを選べます。私は上の写真にある鶏肉を主菜に、デザートにはアップルクランブルを頼みました。下の写真は、友人達は私がブログをやっていることを知っているので、親切に写真を撮ったらどうか、と撮影を後押しして下さいました。アップルクランブルはKOIの自家製アイスクリームが付いてきます。自家製と聞くと弱い私なのですが、特に自家製アイスクリームには目がありません。アイスクリーム美味しかった!

KOI Mahakam Lunch Set-3

KOI Mahakam Lunch Set-5

KOI Mahakam Lunch Set-6

My friend is holding my son. She has a great taste for interior design. She invited me to take photos of her home last Christmas in December 2012. You can see her Christmas decoration at her home here.


KOI Mahakam Lunch Set-1

My heart is filled with gratitude. Thank you.


Jl Mahakam I No. 2
Jakarta Selatan
Phone: + 62 21 722 2864
KOI Mahakam is close to Blok M plaza and right next to Grand Mahakam Hotel.
Facebook: Koimahakam
Twitter: @koimahakam

Inspirations For Blogging ☆ What Keeps Me Going

If I am asked what inspires me to blog, I would probably say my children. Seeing little steps my children take in their development such as my son chewing on his own toes is always fascinating to me and keeping these moments with my camera became important to me. I want to record the precious moments as I raise them, and also share the hardship I go through in a hope that it will help some other parents out there.

After some experiments with my middle child who was a very difficult child to feed as a toddler, I wrote a post “Raising A Finicky Eater” where I listed what helped me to get her interested in eating more.

I have written a couple of episodes about my frustration with potty training such as “Poop or Get Off the Potty” and “Color Analysis III – Cosmetics” (The title sounds nothing to do with potty training, but it does talk about potty training). Now when I read these posts, they bring back my bitter sweet memories.

Then my daughter had a surgery over a year ago. I wanted to document that experience, so I wrote a couple of posts such as “My Daughter’s Surgery”.

When we went to Central Park in New York City three years ago in 2010, I had so much fun taking photos of my kids at the Central Park. To this day I enjoy going back to these posts I wrote about our trip in New York City.

Even a small activity such as taking silly photos of my oldest one jumping off the diving board becomes a fun activity and it ends up on my blog as “Flying Daughter”.

My kids make me want to live every moment to the full and preserve some moments. Through photography and blogging, I am keeping a journal of our lives together. They inspire me to keep taking their photos and writing about them. That is the base and core of my blog.