Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Girl’s Birthday Party in Pink

Pink Birthday Party-35

I had the second party of November for my second child only one week after my first party of the month for my first girl. It’s a celebration marathon for me starting from the month of October for Halloween. (Living in Mumbai, India, Diwali is a big part of celebration in the same season.) I’m in a survival mode at the moment before Thanksgiving. I love Christmas the most among all the holidays in a year, but I cannot wait till Christmas is over this year because that means I can finally relax. I hope. It’s been a busy couple of months and I feel like I’m barely treading the water. Christmas hasn’t even started for us yet. Being married to an American husband, we do not get our Christmas decoration out until Thanksgiving is over. The holiday season is very exciting, but the stress has started to wear me off a bit. I try to think that having some stress is good for me because that keeps me going. It’s a positive experience to have a tough time because when the projects and events are all over, you feel very rewarded.

It always gives me a headache to select guests. I do not like the process. However, I drew a line and said the guests have to be someone my daughter has played outside of school or someone who has invited her to their parties. I wanted this party to be easy, so I hosted it from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on a Saturday. It is much easier to prepare desserts than real meal. The downside of it is that the table ended up with so many sweets and candies. Kids loved them, but I felt badly for the parents!

Pink Birthday Party-23

Pink Birthday Party-24

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TH Bakes

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The macarons were purchased at Theobroma in Mumbai, India. I loved the pastel colors!!

Pink Birthday Party-7

Pink Birthday Party

My only creation for the party…

The tart cups were purchased at Nature’s Basket.

Pink Birthday Party-18


If you show candies by putting them in clear glasses, they turn into cute decor pieces.

Pink Birthday Party-5

Pink Birthday Party-15

Pink Birthday Party-14

Instead of paper cups, I used jars I bought on and paper straws were purchased at Cheap Jack on Hill Road in Bandra, Mumbai. Cheap Jack doesn’t always has them. Once they sell all of their stock, they won’t have them again until the next shipment which can be for months.

Pink Birthday Party-10

Pink Birthday Party-9

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Pink Birthday Party-31

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Pink Birthday Party-17


Photo Booth & Fashion Show

Kids loved being in photos. The little ones enjoyed the fashion show as well even though they were very shy at first.

Pink Birthday Party-34

Pink Birthday Party-3

Manicure & Pedicure

This did not fly well at all among the 6 and 7-year-olds. Some kids did not like to get their nails painted and I felt that I lost a few audiences during this time.

Pink Birthday Party-25

Pink Birthday Party-26

Pink Birthday Party-27

Other Activities

Singing Contest

My daughter, the birthday girl, requested to have a movie time, so I allocated the time for it. The children did not really care for a movie and gradually one by one they left the room to play with the toys in the play room and in the end my daughter ended up being the only one watching. That was sad…

Musical Statues

Pink Birthday Party-22

Pink Birthday Party-21


Those mugs are from The White Window. They are so adorable!

Pink Birthday Party-11

That’s it for now.

I hope you enjoyed the photos!!

Thank you for visiting my blog. It means a lot to me.

Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Thai Cooking Class by Vandana ☆ Mumbai India

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-7

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-5

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-6

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-4

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-9

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-2

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-3

Vandana Thai Cooking Class2-4

In May I had a fabulous accidental opportunity to take Thai lessons twice thanks to my friend, Katie whom I met in Mumbai in 2013. Sadly for me, she left Mumbai in March 2014 to move to New Delhi. Then in May 2014, she moved back to the U.S. for her husband’s job. She’s a talented designer and you can see how talented she is on her work site here and her personal site here. I love her taste.

I’m one of those people who are lazy about taking classes. Katie invited me to join her to learn Thai cooking back in March 2014, but the classes took place in the morning and my son was little and stayed home (he’s still little and stays home), so I could not commit to it and passed the opportunity. Several weeks went by and suddenly she had to literary pack her home to move to New Delhi with a very short notice for her husband’s job. She emailed me after she moved to Delhi and said she had two classes left that she could not take as she had to move away and asked me if I wanted to take her spot in the class. I was shocked to hear that she had already moved away and I didn’t get to see her one more time before the move, but I was touched to know that she thought of me to take the classes. I was reluctant probably because it was outside of my comfort zone, yet I took it as a sign of my destiny to take the class, so I did. I am so glad I did and thank you, Katie!

I never thought that learning Thai cooking was so enlightening. I always thought that Thai cooking was so hard that there was no way I could cook Thai food well. I never even imagined that I would take a Thai cooking class from an Indian instructor, either. Vandana, a native of India, lived in Thailand as an expat with her family for 2 years for her husband’s work assignment. She loved Thai food. When she realized that she would leave Thailand at some point which means that she and her family would miss authentic Thai food, she thought she would have to make Thai food herself for her family. That way they can enjoy authentic Thai food wherever they go. So, she did. Her passion is shown in her work.

The dishes she made within 2 hours was amazing. I enjoyed every bite of the food she cooked. What was even more surprising and impressive to me who loves interior design was her home. I loved the marriage of Indian design and Thai decor. Vandana’s home looked like it popped out of a magazine. Since I took my camera with a 50 mm lens, the photos I was able to take were quite limited as I could not zoom out. However, I hope you’ll enjoy seeing her home.

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-11

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-22

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-21

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-12

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-14

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-15

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-16

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-19

Vandana Thai Cooking Class Mumbai5

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-24

Vandana Thai Cooking Class Mumbai1

Vandana Thai Cooking Class2-3

Vandana Thai Cooking Class2-5

Vandana Thai Cooking Class Mumbai2

Vandana Thai Cooking Class2-6

Vandana Thai Cooking Class_-18

Here are the images of Vandana’s beautiful home and the final dishes that I published on my instagram.

Here is my attempt of my Thai cooking at home. Everyone loved it!

Vandana PhotoVandana’s photo on the left provided by courtesy of Vandana.

Vandana is truly inspiring. She totally changed my perspective on cooking classes. Not only am I more inspired to be adventurous with cooking at home, but I am eager to take more cooking classes (what?) and learn from the master chef! I have not contacted Vandana in a while, but she said she also offered other cuisines such as Indian cooking as well.

*I just learned that Vandana recently moved Dubai, United Arab Emirates!!! That is sad news for me and Mumbaikars. I was hoping to take some other classes taught by her. If you live in Dubai, I highly recommend taking her classes! If you are interested in taking classes from Vandana, please contact her at vandysingla[at]yahoo[dot]com (please replace at and dot).

Friday Finds ☆ The White Window Mumbai

The White Window-4

I am really happy to present one of my most recent encounters, The White Window, thanks to my friend, Diana. I am lucky to have friends who introduce me to neat stylish stores wherever I go!

The White Window is owned by Twinkle Khanna, who is an interior designer and film actress. She’s also known as the wife of a popular Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar. The store is in a quaint neighborhood of Bandra, suburbs of Mumbai, India. It looks like an oasis in the hustle and bustle of Bandra near Linking Road and Ambedkar Road.

As you walk in through a big glass door of The White Window, the lovely fragrance of their scented candles welcome you into the cozy space with contemporary furniture and decor. It’s beautiful. The White Window reminded me of Le Souq, one of my favorite stores in Jakarta, Indonesia. I will let the photos tell the story of the store from here and I hope you’ll enjoy seeing all the one of a kind pieces sold at the store.

The White Window13

The White Window-7

The White Window-37

The White Window1

The White Window-14

The White Window7

The White Window-15

The White Window-16

The White Window9

The White Window-39

The White Window-40

The White Window-51

The White Window-12

The White Window

The White Window-17

The White Window-19

The White Window2

The White Window4

The White Window-28

The White Window-29

The White Window-32

The White Window5

The White Window12

The White Window3

The White Window6

The White Window-49

The White Window-50

The White Window-13

The White Window-45

The White Window-44

The White Window-47

I was really excited when I was given a permission to take photos of The White Window when I visited. (I usually visit without checking in advance whether I can take photos or not. Often times stores and restaurants allow me to take photos, but there were times I was told that I wasn’t allowed to do so.) I throughly enjoyed photographing the dreamy interior of the store with lots of light that came in from the big glass windows.

I purchased their Morocco candle (in photo above). It was 650 Rupees (About US$11). It smelled absolutely divine.

330 Palatial Building,
Ground Floor
21 Ambedkar Road
Bandra (W), Mumbai 400050

TEL: 022 2646 5957

The White Window Map

The White Window-48

The White Window-52