Tegallalang Handicraft Center in Ubud ☆ Bali Indonesia ☆ Throwback Thursday

Tegallalang Ubud Bali

When you visit an island of Bali, you realize that Bali is much bigger than you’ve imagined. With the existing traffic, it can take a long time to get around, too. For instance, it took me about an hour and a half from the airport to our villa in Ubud.

If you ever have a chance to visit Bali, I highly recommend visiting the Ubud area. The coast line of Bali is amazing, but I am convinced that the magic of Bali exists in inland, Ubud, where you see step fields. If you look up “Tegallalang” on google, you will find many images of what Ubud is about. In Ubud, there are many different streets for shopping, dining and relaxing at spas. The main shopping area that is popular among tourists covers Jalan Monkey Forest, Jalan Hanoman, and Jalan Raya Ubud. If you look them up on a map, these three streets intersect and are close from each other.

You would want to go to Jalan Monkey Forest, Jalan Hanoman, and Jalan Raya Ubud, which are really fun and you can find high quality products there. On top of that, I highly recommend Tegallalang Handicraft Center in Ubud. If you go all the way out to Ubud, Bali, you’ve got to check out Jalan Raya Tegallalang.

Jl. Raya Tegalalang has so many handicrafts with great bargain prices (we still negotiated a bit) that you don’t see at other places in Bali. When you go to typical touristy areas in Bali such as Kuta, Nusa Dua, Seminyak and so forth, you’ll quickly learn that it’s not that cheap to shop in Bali. Jalan Raya Tegallalang was an exception. It also appeared to me that Jalan Raya Tegallalang was still not as well-known as other main shopping streets to the world tourists.

The reason why my friend, Kara, and I learned about Jalan Raya Tegallalang was because we stayed at Pandawas Villas which was located only a short drive away from Jalan Raya Tegallalang. Pandawas Villas was amazing, by the way!

I bought many items for our families and friends from the shops in Tegallalang Handicraft Center on Jalan Raya Tegallalang. I hope these photos on this post will help you get the ideas of what you can find on Jalan Raya Tegallalang. I have included the photos of the items that came from Tegallalang Handicraft Center and I own below, but if you would like to see more photos of the items purchased on Jalan Raya Tegallalang, you can see them in my previous post.

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-2

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-3

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-4

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-5

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-6

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-7

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-8

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-9

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-10

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-10

My friend got this beautiful wooden plate at Govinda.

Ubud Bali Shopping-4

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-12

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-16

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-13

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-14

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-15

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-17

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-18

The trees and candle holders came from the shop above that I don’t even know the name. I’m sorry!

Ubud Bali Shopping

Ubud Bali Shopping-3

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-19

Ubud Bali Shopping-7

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-20

Jalan Raya Tegallalang Map

I hope you enjoyed viewing the photos.

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Lovely Souvenirs from Ubud ☆ Tegallalang Handicraft Center ☆ Bali Indonesia

Ubud Bali Shopping

One of the most fun activities in Ubud, Bali to me when I visited was shopping. (If you are not familiar with Indonesia, Ubud is a town on the Indonesian island of Bali in Ubud District. Ubud is one of Bali’s major arts and culture centers. via Wikipedia If you have seen a movie “Eat Pray Love” you might recall the beautiful scene of rice paddies. That was filmed in Ubud, Bali.) There are so many shops with beautiful handicraft items made in Ubud, Bali that you can’t help but enjoy shopping there. According to the article “Tegallalang Handicraft Center in Bali” on Bali website, “it is not an overstatement to say that perhaps the Tegallalang route may also have the longest row of art shops in the world.” I can see some of the handicrafts I saw on Jalan Raya Tegallalang being popular among some international tourists. They are beautiful.

I own four items that came from the shopping strip on Jalan Raya Tegallalang in Ubud, Bali from the trip I made in May 2013. They are all featured on this post. I bought three of the items here and my friend, Kara, who invited me to the Bali trip gave me one item, the wooden plate, for my birthday which I love and use all the time. I love all four of them so much that I wish I bought more from the shops!

The street of Jalan Raya Tegallalang in Ubud, Bali felt like it was the row of wholesale stores where buyers from Jakarta and other cities would go shop for their stores. It might be because the prices you find on Jalan Raya Tegallalang are probably the cheapest in Bali. Shopping in Ubud is quite reasonable except for some shops that are known as high-end brands. Shopping on Jalan Raya is for sure a bargain shopping.

In the next post, I will introduce some of the stores that Kara and I visited on Jalan Raya Tegallalang, Ubud, Bali. If you visit Ubud, Bali in the future, I hope that my next post will be helpful.

dining room-9

Ubud Bali Shopping-2

Ubud Bali Shopping-3

Ubud Bali Shopping

Ubud Bali Shopping-7

This wooden cheese plate was a gift from my friend, Kara. I use this wooden plate as a cheese plate. I love the natural wood!

Ubud Bali Shopping-4

I hope you’ll come back to check out the article on Jalan Raya Tegallalang!

Pasar Mayestik ☆ Jakarta Indonesia ☆ Throwback Thursday

Pasar Mayestik Jakarta


To this day the biggest readership for my blog comes from Indonesia. I’d like to thank dear readers and stumble-upon visitors in Indonesia for coming to my blog even after I moved to India. I hope the information for Indonesia on my blog is not too outdated yet (I’m sure there is some).

I have many photos that I had taken before we left Jakarta, Indonesia, which I have not used on my blog. I did not have enough time to write about all the places that I had visited and taken photos at especially towards the end of our time in Jakarta and thus I have some photos that have been stored on my computer without being edited. I decided to pull out some of the photos to write about the places from which I think and hope that current expats and other readers in Indonesia will be able to benefit.

So here I am writing about Pasar Mayestik, one of the popular markets in Jakarta which is known for the fabric selections. I have been to the fabric market part before. I mentioned a fabric store called IKO BANA where I bought fabric for my formal gown. If you are interested, please visit this post.

In May 2013, my Japanese friend took me to Pasar Mayestik to show me a good place to buy tin boxes. Getting recommendations from expats who live in the city is my favorite way to learn about a new city whether for visitors and foreign residents from overseas. I visited Pasar Mayestik a few months after the newly built buildings opened. Back then, there are some spaces which were still not filled with shops. I

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-2

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-3



Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes Gatara Bali

Gatara Bali is the store recommended by my friend and it has many beautiful tin boxes with great reasonable prices. If you go to Bali, I’m sure you can find even better prices, but for shopping for tin boxes in Jakarta, I think that the prices you can get at Gatara Bali are as good as they might get. Gatara Bali had many tin boxes.

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-32

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-31

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-30

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-29

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-33

I bought about 5 or 6 tin boxes from Gatara Bali on that day. Knowing how practical and beautiful these tin boxes are, I wish I had bought more. These tin boxes are wonderful for storage and decoration. If you would like to see how I use them at my current home in Mumbai, India, please read the previous post Tin Boxes As Storage & Decoration.



Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-6


Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-5


These bags are popular among Japanese expat ladies.

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-7


Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-8

There were many more stores in the basement. It is a great place to find many things you need especially when you plan for a party.



Pasar Mayestik is especially known for its textile and craft stores. Toko Maju is a store for all the craft lovers in Jakarta. If you need anything for your craft project with fabric, Toko Maju seems to be the store to go to. It was quite impressive to see the wide selection of craft goods especially beads and buttons that were available at Toko Maju.

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-11

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-14

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-13

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-17

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-18

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-20

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-24

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-27

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-19

Even if you are not a big craft person, you will have fun at Toko Maju, don’t you think?

I hope you enjoyed the post!

Pasar Mayestik
Kyai Maja St.
Gunung Village, Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta City 12120