Maomao Indie Top

Maomao Indie Top

Maomao is a brand founded by an Indonesian designer, Peggy, in Jakarta, Indonesia. When I lived in Jakarta, I always thought that Indonesians are quite fashionable people. There are many cool brands created by entrepreneurs. You’ll be amazed by all the talented people you find especially in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. I used to love going to the biggest popup market in Indonesia called Brightspot Market and Goods Department which is a store that was realized from the concept of Brightspot Market to find out the hot indie designers in Indonesia. Maomao owner, Peggy, came to visit Mumbai from Jakarta on a business trip and she made time to meet with me for the first time. She and her husband found my blog sometime ago, so she has contacted me and asked me for a possibility of collaborating with her brand. I agreed and we met at Suzette and […]

The Lil Flea Pop Up Market

October The Lil Flea-5

The Lil Flea is a pop up market that take place at different locations in Mumbai, India throughout a year. The Lil Flea is a great market to discover new brands and shop at variety of vendors for lovely items all in one location. They also have a food market area where you can try different foods and drinks. My friend took me to The Lil Flea held at the Reclamation ground in Bandra, Mumbai last December 2014. I had so much fun shopping for Christmas and I had a blast. If The Lil Flea takes place again in December, I highly recommend people going because the weather was simply gorgeous in December in Mumbai and it was a great place to take care of Christmas shopping or any souvenir shopping for those who go visit their families in the winter break. The photos I posted here do not feature […]

Monday Mode ☆ maomao Linen Blouses From Indonesia

maomao shima white-4

I had a pleasure of meeting lovely Peggy who flew from Jakarta, Indonesia to Mumbai, India for her work. Peggy told me that her husband, Herman, who started Lima Watch (beautiful watches) found my blog and told her that she would like my blog. So she checked it out and she did. I found this story very sweet. It’s such an honor to be followed by two talented Indonesian artists/entrepreneurs like Peggy and Herman. I also love hearing how people have found my blog because my blog does not have a huge following compared to a blog superstars out there. The interesting thing, though, is that Indonesia seems to still rank the highest in term of traffic to my blog even a year and a half after I had relocated to Mumbai, India. I am very flattered! Thank you, readers in Indonesia!! One day Peggy emailed me and told me […]

Lakme Fashion Week 2015 ☆ Textile Day 2 ☆ Mumbai India

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015-15

I had a lovely opportunity to go to the Day 2 Textile Day of Lakme Fashion Week 2015 in Mumbai thanks to my neighbor. This is one of the perks I have experienced as an expat here in Mumbai, India and back in Jakarta, Indonesia. I have posted photos of Indonesia Fashion Week in Jakarta on my blog. Please click here to view my post on Indonesia Fashion Week in 2013. I also had a chance to visit Bazaar Fashion Show at the beginning of our stay in Jakarta in 2010. Every time I go to a fashion show, I realize how much I love fashion. I cannot afford to spend much money on my wardrobe, but it’s nice to be able to let my eyes indulge in the beauty of textiles, colors, design and beauty of Haute couture. ANAVILA Anavila’s textile gave me a different view of sari in […]

Friday Finds ☆ Lucknowi Crafts ☆ Indian Kurtas & Kurtis ☆ Mumbai

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All the photos on this post were taken with VSCO Cam on my iPod Touch. I needed to get a white kurti for an occasion, but I did not want to spend a lot on it. I thought about going to Neemrana because they have some beautiful kurtis for women with beautiful embroideries. Some of them are reasonable and some others can be expensive depending on the material such as silk. Neemrana is great, but my friend recommended me a place called Lucknowi Crafts and told me that they are quite reasonable. Thus, I decided to try Lucknowi Crafts first. I figured if I don’t find anything I like at Lucknowi, then I could always go to Neemrana. I did find a lovely kurti in white with a very reasonable price! If I end up wearing it only once, I would not mind it. I don’t have a photo of […]

Gumtoo Temporary Tattoos ☆ Metallic & Fun Designers Tattoos

Gumtoo Accessory Tattoos

This might be my last post for the year 2014. This year has gone by fast, but it was more productive since we were already settled in Mumbai compared to the previous year 2013, which was the year of transition for us from Jakarta, Indonesia to Mumbai, India. My first Monday Mode post for this year 2014 was about a stripe shirt and maxi skirt posted on January 5. Monday Mode posts have been one of my favorite topics after posts about interior design. It’s not easy for me to prepare for Monday Mode posts since I take my own photos, selfies. Setting up a tripod in my room or sometimes on our balcony and take photos without any remote control or someone to press buttons means that it takes a long time to get the photo shoot done. Not to mention, it looks quite silly (or ridiculous) running back […]

Monday Mode ☆ Global Desi Gold Dress

Global Desi Gold Dress-8

I never owned anything gold to wear before living in Mumbai. When it comes to jewelry I am a silver person and still am, but ever since we arrived in Mumbai, I have been tempted to buy gold. I have met other expats who started wearing gold after they had arrived in India. India has so much beautiful gold jewelry that it is hard not to be tempted to buy gold jewelry. I have always loved silver jewelry. I don’t think I look good in gold. This was actually confirmed after my lovely friend Yumi did a color analysis on me (you can see the color analysis session at my place here) and I found out that I was a summer color person whose color palette has silver in it. You can see different seasonal colors on clothes on this post. When I was looking for an Indian dress to […]

Friday Finds ☆ StyleCracker Borough ☆ Design Market in Mumbai India

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All the photography was taken on my iPod Touch 4. I had a chance to visit StyleCracker Borough 2014 held at the Mahalaxmi Race Course, Mumbai. It was like a pop-up shopping mall with many local designers which was very exciting! It reminded me of the Brightspot Market in Jakarta, Indonesia which was one of my favorite events I went there. SC Borough was smaller in scale than the Brightspot (click here for their website), but still it was filled with many brands and I can see SC Borough potentially growing to a much bigger event in the future because it seems to be the place that attracts all the fashionistas and hipsters from Mumbai. StyleCracker is India’s First Personalized Styling Platform. As they are a group of leading stylists who organized and curated this market, I thought I had to go. It’s a great way to discover your favorite […]

Amba by Hema ☆ Mumbai India

Amba by Hema-5

Amba is a fashion brand that was created and has been produced by Hema Shroff Patel. Hema is an Indian American who was brought up in the United States, but now she bases her life in Mumbai, India. She is a beautiful artist who has this lovely aura about her. The examples of Amba products are hand-woven scarves, stoles and shawls curated by her. She also produces hand block printed children and women’s lounge wear which are designed and created by Hema. This trunk show show was hosted at her residence in South Mumbai. I have heard how beautiful her residence was as I have mutual friends with her. My friends were right about her home. Her residence is in the old colonial style architecture (so it is said by a non-architect, total amateur – Me) with high ceiling and she filled the space with her carefully selected decorative items […]

Black Lace Dress With Strap Back

Black lace gown with string back-14

How I came to own this black lace dress with strap back feels like a combination of coincidence and luck. I joined instagram at the beginning of 2014 and then a couple of months later, I saw a photo of my stylish graphic designer friend, Katie, on her instagram account (it’s a personal one, so no photo, sorry!) wearing a black dress with a stunning back. I instantly loved it. I thought it was the coolest dress. I loved it so much that I went searching for it online and I came across this black dress with back strings dress which I pinned onto my Formal Dresses Pinboard (also in a collage below) on Pinterest. Coincidentally my friend, Micky, who is a fashion designer by trade and currently a full-time stay-at-home mom in Mumbai, asked me back in March or April 2014 if I would be interested in having a […]