Swollen Gland and My Little Girl

I am popping in to tell you that I will be checked out from the blog sphere for a short while.

Our second daughter developed a lump under her chin in the recent past. This is actually the second time in the half year. My husband and I have been busy with this issue in the past few days and it looks like we might get busier in the next few days. Our second one is doing just fine despite the growing lump. She has no idea what’s going on, which I find a blessing. My husband and I had to make some decisions. We decide to do something, then we question ourselves if we’re making the right decision or not. I feel pretty confident that everything will go well. At the same time, there are always unknowns. Parenting is not for the faint of heart.




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    On every decision that you and your husband will have, make sure that you involve HIM. He will give your family, especially your daughter, strength and faith that everything will be alright.

  2. Kiki says

    Hi Kaho, I hope everything is fine with your little daughter. Had she been crying? is that tears on her face? I browse some articles about it just for my curiosity, it said that case happens a lot for children. Hope you find the right treatment. Wish you all the best


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      Hi, Kiki! The tears on her face actually were from her falling on the wet floor. It wasn’t such a good time to take a photo…. I didn’t realize it till later! :)

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    Hi Kaho,

    I’m so glad that I had a chance to meet you yesterday at the birthday party. Your girls are so lovely. I hope that all will be well with your little one and that she will be able to come home soon.

  4. Sanne says

    Thinking of you and wishing you luck! I hope everything will be okay!! Take care of your little one. Love, S

  5. Adelene says

    Oh poor little girl. The lump somewhat looks very much like lymphadenitis. Has she been complaining of toothache or has had difficulty when swallowing?

    Well, hopefully she’ll have a speedy recovery and the swelling resolves soon.. :)

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      Thanks, Adelene!! She actually slipped on the wet floor and cried. It was a good time to take a photo of her! Ooops. I will post about the cause on my blog after we find out the test result!

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    Dear Kaho,
    Greetings from Jakarta. I’m excited to find some more Jakarta/expat blogs but sad to arrive here on my first visit and hear of your daughter’s swollen gland. I hope she gets well soon! Look forward to following your Jakarta adventures (and recommendations too!).

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    Oh my! Gosh I am glad that you guys are keeping your calm! And I hope it doesn’t hurt for your poor daughter. TD had a lump somewhere in that area too when he was a kid but it just turned out to be fatty deposits so they just had to remove it. I’ve had 2 out of 3 misses when it comes to doctors here and it cost us a lot of money for ineffective and even harmful meds that I didn’t need.. just a cautionary tale so please have a doctor that your friend have tried and recommend! Or med-evac! Good luck with everything sweety!

    And kaho, you can also ask Lia she is a very good pediatrician. Remember I’ve been sick for a while now? I went to Pondok Indah Hospital and the doctor there prescribed pneumonia medication, a medicine that would have unnecessarily compromised my immune system and a medicine that caused me insomnia, anxiety and paranoia. Good thing I asked Lia before taking the meds! So it’s good to get her opinion too! Hope this helps!

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    Oh my Kaho! I’m sorry to hear what happened with your daughter. My prayers so that she can get well soon… Kids are meant to laugh! かほさんもお体を気をつけてくださいね♪

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    Hope your little girl is better again soon. I hope the lump is not causing her pain or discomfort. See you here when all is right again with your little family x

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  12. Patrick says

    Hi, I found this article and picture via google. My son has a similar but slight less pronounced lump in the same spot. What was your doctor’s diagnosis? It’s been there for a while and it’s grown larger in the last few days. Very noticeable now. Like to hear how you treated your daughter and whether she is ok. Cheers, Patrick from San Francisco

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      Thanks, Patrick, for finding me!

      Here’s my daughter’s doctor’s diagnosis: My daughter was diagnosed with Atypical Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. Atypical Mycobacterium Tuberculosis does not exist in humans and is found in animals and the nature. She somehow picked up the virus and it entered her body through the mouth and rested on her lymph nodes. Having the surgery and removing the infected lymph nodes was the treatment.

      Another fact: Before she saw a specialist, she had to take a PPD (TB test). Apparently sometimes TB can cause to have a lump like that. It turned out that it was positive, but it does not tell much. Thus, she got a chest X-ray, and it was negative, which meant she was not active.

      Other things I heard:
      1. I have a friend who told me that she had a lump just like my daughter’s on the same spot when she was little. It turned out that she had Mono, which caused the lump and the lump went away eventually after treating Mono with rest and medication.

      2. Lymph nodes infection is pretty common among kids. Antibiotics can be a remedy. My daughter actually had the same lump in December last year, 2010. She took Amoxicillin for 10 days and it took care of it then. The lump went away. I don’t now if she had a different lymph nodes infection then or it was the same. Then this past April (about 4 months later), I noticed that the lump came back. This recurrence made the doctor refer us to a specialist to go further with testing.

      I hope this information is helpful!


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