sweet but not too sweet

sandals: Target shirt: H&M pants: H&M

My very good friend, Karen gave the pair to me. I love them! My friend bought them in Ethiopia. Not only do I think of my friend when I wear them, but also I think of the time my husband and I spent in Senegal, West Africa.

I went outside with my first daughter and she took all these photos. The quality of the photos is not good, but I like her angles and perspective.

As for the style on this post, the shirt with ruffles was too sweet-looking, I wanted to combine something a bit tomboyish.

I wish I could write more, but I’m falling asleep at the desk! Zzzzzzzz. See you!


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    Hi Kaho,
    I like the new twist of your blog! you have made some changes, right?
    but the best part is that you are sharing with us some more of your fashion tastes… there is definitely something there that you have to develop and that we will keep me reading your posts… the fact that you are asking your daughters to shoot while you are posing is genius!!!
    I am really busy at the moment and I try to keep up with the course, but I would like to comment more on your blog, especially the recent ones… you are posting too often!! haha… joking… see you around :)

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      Marie! Thanks for leaving me a comment! You’re so sweet. I know how busy you are!! I am glad to hear that I’m posting too often! 😛 Thank you also for your feedback. You’re one of the very valuable readers who give me a lot of input and feedback and I really really appreciate all of them!! I think that my posing in front of the camera looks so amateur (well, I am!) and corny, but I love it when people respond to what I wear. I’ll pop in your blog now. Thanks, friend!!

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    I know! you have changed the font! isn’t it?!
    It is great, I was looking for all the changes, there must be some more… I guess I haven’t paid enough attention at the layout before the start of the course…
    If you don’t mind me commenting and giving my opinion, then I am going to continue… feel free to just do the same over at Etincelle Creative Studio…
    btw do you think I should write my blog in French and in English? someone at BYW suggested it to me… it never crossed my mind before…

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      I did change my font, but that’s about it… I wish I have more technical skills to give my blog a creative look!!
      I love hearing your opinions. I appreciate your time for doing that since I know it’s not always that easy to leave comments. I enjoy leaving you comments, so I am sure I will continue to leave you comments!
      I think you should totally write your bog in French as well, but only if you have that much time. I remember seeing your posts in French at the beginning and then you switched to English, right? I myself enjoy reading French, but there are definitely more English readers in the world, so if you are to pick one, I would suggest English. I thought about having an additional blog in Japanese, but I simply do not feel confident that I would be able to manage the time for two.

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