Summer Holiday & Jakarta Post Article About My Blog ☆ 夏休みとジャカルタポスト記事

Summer holiday has officially started for us and we’ll be on the road for a while. We got back from our medical trip in Singapore last Friday, the 10th, we unpacked and packed again within two days and we took off again on Monday night, the 13th. Today we arrived in Tokyo! My appearance on the blog sphere will be sporadic due to our traveling schedule. I will do my best to follow the content on certain days to the best of my ability for the next several weeks, but please forgive me for my blog possibly being irregular. I apologize in advance.

I feel that is it a bit ironical that I wouldn’t be able to follow my regular blog schedule right after the Jakarta Post published an article about my blog on June 12, 2011, the day of my birthday and the day before we started our summer vacation. I love the article written by Deisha Tamar for Lifestyle section of the Jakarta Post. Thank you, Deihsa!! It is very well written and thanks to her magical words, my blog sounds interesting. I will have to work hard not to disappoint any readers who may come visit my blog.


皮肉なのは、先日2011年6月12日にジャカルタポスト(the Jakarta Post)が私のブログに関する記事を掲載してくださいました。6月12日は私の誕生日でもあり、また旅行に出る一日前でした。ダイーシャ・タマールさんによって書かれたライフスタイルの記事では、私のブログをとても興味深く書いて下さっています。ダイーシャさん、どうもありがとう!私のブログに来て下さる方々の期待を切らない様、これからも頑張りたいと思いますので、よろしくお願いいたします。

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  1. says

    Congrats on the article! I admire you for the efforts you’ve done to your blog and see what it brings you!
    OMG you’re in Tokyo! I assume TDL as a treat to your daughters? *wink. I’m going to Japan also on Lebaran holidays in September, so I’m looking forward on the recommends in your blog… Have fun!!

  2. Kiki says

    Love to see your little one looks healthy and happy..and I can only say WOW for the article on Jakarta Post..when the first time I incidentally found your blog, I loved it and couldn’t stop reading it, and checking it almost every day. You deserved to be featured on the article, congratulation and enjoy your holiday..!!

  3. Minako says

    After all, you made it to Tokyo! Enjoy your stay, eat lots of Japanese food 😉 Any chance to “swing by” to Okinawa!? Also, congrats on the article!

    • says

      Thank you!! We made it to Tokyo! I would love to come to Oki, but this time we don’t have enough fund… We miss Okinawa so much!

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    • says


  5. Lily says

    Hello, Kaho san.

    Wow! I have read the article on the Jakarta Post and was impressed by it! Nicely written and I am happy for you that people everywhere would read the article and visit your blog.

    I agree with the writer that your blog is cheerful and entertains readers with great contents and cute pictures!

    I hope your stay in Japan will be filled with many great things and please enjoy!

    Take care,

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