Style Journal of My Girls

shirt: Target leggings: fashion warehouse (factory outlet in Jakarta) shoes: Target

shirt: Target shorts: OLD NAVY
This behavior is so typical of my second daughter…

shirt: gap pants: Target sandals: Target

shoes: Target

shirt: Carters skirt: Carters shoes: Target

shirt (white): Target shirt (pink): Target shorts: Target

shirt: Nishimatsuya pants: OLD NAVY

My friend from Okinawa, Meredith, whom I wrote about before on my blog, bought the white shirt for my first child. Thanks, Mere! Now our second is wearing it. This is a nice thing about having two girls.

shirt: CREWCUTS skirt: no brand/thrift store shoes: OLD NAVY

headband: crewcuts/J.CREW

I style my girls with inexpensive clothes as you can see. There are a few exceptions and J.CREW items are seen in some photos here, but they were all gifts from my family in Japan. I love their kids line, but I cannot afford them!

My older girl actually styled herself in the first photo. I was very impressed. I don’t know if I would have combined these two myself, but when she showed me the combination, I liked it. I can feel that she’s growing up.

It’s Friday night here. It’s very quite now. I kind of like spending Friday night at home relaxing. Am I getting old or what? I no longer have an urge to go out at night on Friday night. It’s a luxury to have a quiet night when I can do anything. I can read a book (ah, I haven’t done it in a while) or magazines, watch a movie or TV, read blogs, edit photos or blog. This is true bliss.

How are you spending/did you spend your Friday night?


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    I love how you style your kids. I’m the same, I usually go to carters or target because they grow so quick out of their clothes. Beli is the 5th out of 6 grandchildren (on my Side of the family)and she is the only girl! so she couldn’t inherit most of her cousins clothes so we had to purchase almost everything. But my mom is very good at finding clothes for her at second hand stores (which I’m not picky ) but clothes here in Croatia are so expensive! I feel really bad when hubby’s Mom shows up with new outfits, (but she can’t resist she tells me since she is her first grandchild!

    So which book are you currently reading? enjoy your friday bliss. As you know we are taking our friends out for dinner then a walk around the city.

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      I wish I was reading a book. I haven’t read a book in a while…. I’m not so good with reading. I need to start reading again! Beli is the only girl! She’s the true princess of your family then. How fun your friends are in town! I hope you’ll have a great time! I can’t wait to read about it on your blog!

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    I can’t believe your daughter put together that first outfit – they all look lovely but that one is my favourite. I love the yellow and white fabric of the top and grey is a colour I like for little girls. I buy a lot for my daughter from Target too. We have a store here called Country Road whose clothes I love, but often they are just too expensive for little ones.

    You sound exactly like me on a Friday night – I prefer to stay in too and after a simple dinner, I flick through magazines or books too and watch a bit of television. This is exactly what I did last night :)

    Hope your weekend is a wonderful one! x

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      Hi, Amanda! So nice to see you here. Your comment is the 500th comment on my blog!!! I wish I have a prize or something. Do people do something special? Let me think of something.

      Thanks for the comment on my daughter’s outfit. I will tell her. She’ll be happy to hear that! I’m glad there is another girl out there in the world who likes to do the same on Friday night!

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