Streets of New York

There were many things I felt about New York City during our trip.

1. People j-walk pretty much everywhere. The stop lights were not respected by pedestrians and as long as there was no car, you cross the street.

2. There were many interesting vendors on the streets of New York City.

3. It seems that many subway stations do not have escalator or elevator and people with strollers have to climb up and down the stairs while carrying their strollers. Thank goodness my husband was with me to do that. The stations in the city made the DC metro stations look more modern to me. The elaborate systems of subways in New York City reminded me of Tokyo. I wish DC would model after the systems of public transportation in New York City.

4. Yellow Cabs, which seem to be a symbol of the city, added a splash of yellow to monotonous look of the streets. The cab drivers are not shy about using their honks. I wish the taxi fare in DC is as cheap as it is in NYC.

5. New York City is such a photogenic city. Any photo taken in the city looks classy.

6. When the sun came out, the streets looked very different. It looked much more cheerful.

I loved the city. I was telling my husband that if I was single or we didn’t have kids and he said let’s move to New York City, I would do that in a heart beat. However, with small kids like ours’ ages with one income, I can’t imagine starting a new life there. We simply cannot afford a life in this city. If I ever have a good paying job and our kids are old enough to not be in daycare, maybe the situation is different. Maybe one day…? Who knows.


  1. Autumn says

    Love the pics and the blog. Wish we could’ve spent more time with you guys in NYC. Hugs to Y&Y.


  2. says

    Now I want to visit NYC too! Well, we did visit the past winter, but it was snowing the whole time…. and good thing we didn’t use the subway with our gigantic stroller!!

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