Storage Ideas

Did you think I had those boxes for decoration? Partly yes, but I have them more for a storage purpose. I cannot stand clutter, but at the same time, we have a very limited amount of space. So, here are some solutions I use to hide and avoid clutter.

When my younger child was crawling, she never attempted to open these types of boxes. I have some play dough and puzzles that are not meant for very young children. It seems that for kids’ eyes this box doesn’t look like it’s holding some toys inside. That works for my benefit.

I’m not sure if you can see inside of the basket well in the picture on the right, but we placed a surge protector in this basket and drew all the cords for the electric equipments on our entertainment center. We don’t have much space in the back of the entertainment center. Instead of placing the surge protector elsewhere, this way, the tangling cords can be made invisible. It was my husband’s idea. I like it!

I found this bin at IKEA. I thought that it would make a cute toy storage. I like the look of it. You put all the stuffed toys in there and just put a lid on it. Out of sight, out of mind.

I store some toys and even blankets in the boxes in our IKEA EXPEDIT bookcase. Our kids used to pull the blankets out of these boxes in winter before they would watch a movie. The only bad thing about those baskets for the EXPEDIT bookcase is that the baskets scratch the coating. Other than that, the bookcase and baskets have been wonderful.

I would love to hear about the ideas you use to store some items at home. If you know some good websites I can go to gather ideas for unique storage, I would also love to learn about them!

Did you send a Mother’s Day card to your mom? My child is ‘writing’ a message to her grandma. She’s just pretending. I do not like going to a post office here since there is always a long line and it’s usually out of way, so I haven’t sent our cards to my mom who lives in Japan. Not good. Sigh. Guilt, guilt. I’ve got to call her!


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