snow to remember

We had historical snow storms twice within a week in DC and its surrounding states in February 2010 . What an experience!

The first snowmaggedon hit us on February 5 and the second one hit on February 10. This time, the wind was even more powerful than before at least in our area. You could hardly see 100 meters ahead of you.

With both Snowmaggedons it snowed almost for 24 hours. We all felt cabin fever, so we had to go outside.

We got a sled from our friend as a gift, so we all got very excited to go outside to try it out! It was incredible to see the whole city covered in white snow that looked like vanilla frosting.

Both storms paralyzed the cities around DC. I think we all knew that we were done with the snow by the end of the second storm. Harsh winter allowed us to look forward to the spring and when it finally arrives, it brightens our day.

It’s memorable to have those storms for us since we’re moving to a tropical island come July this year. No snow for 3 years. I used to love the idea (and I still do), but then now I think I’m going to miss the four seasons and even this cold weather. This snow storms will definitely stay in our memory for a long time…


  1. says

    Hahaha I never heard this word before 😀 >> “snowmaggedons”

    Your pictures speak a lot about the snow storm! I have a-very-hot-Washington-DC in my memory, so it’s a lil difficult for me to imagine how it looks like under the snow storm. Thank you for sharing this story, Kaho. I hope I would have a chance to visit DC in its winter season.:)

  2. Karen says

    Awww..end of posts. I enjoyed each one of your stories. I want more Chuzai Living :) I used to travel a lot to different continents. Now, I’m settled in Asia. Your blog makes me reminisce my exciting days of travel, and makes me want to plan an expedition in the near future.

    • says

      Karen, thank you for reading my posts! That’s so sweet!!! I feel that many people just look at pictures, so it means a lot to know that someone out there reads my posts. Where in Asia are you settled?

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