Shrink Shrank Shrunk Sweater

Have you had an experience where you open up the lid of your washer and you gasp.

The sweater on the left used to be much bigger than the sweater on the right side. Look what I did.

I did it again. This time my daughter’s sweater became a victim. I picked it up from the washer and didn’t even recognize it. It shrunk into the size of 2T although it used to be size 6/7. Why, why, why didn’t I check the label???

This was a gift from my family in Japan. I loved it. My daughter loved it. It was from the store I usually can’t afford to shop for my kids. I can’t believe I did this. I am so mad at myself!! My heart is filled with guilt.

It’s raining outside and it makes me feel gloomy, but that’s okay. There are days like this.


  1. Joanne says

    Oh, this hurts – you’re not the only one. I still lament about a soft, hooded, blue Patagonia sweater I did this to…ten years ago!

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