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Today was a national holiday in Indonesia and my husband had a day off. Unfortunately he was not feeling well, so he spent his day indoors and my second child’s body felt a little warm and she had a stomach ache, so she took a long nap after lunch. My only healthy child, by the way she ended up having a stomach issue later that day (it’s just a life here), wanted to go to the pool and swim. I wasn’t feeling for swimming, so I decided to stay on the pool side and read magazines while I watch my child play in the water. Don’t worry, I WAS watching her.

I decided to tear off some pictures I like to keep in the files of inspirations (I plan on making some from now on!). I learned about this from an online course about blogging, Blogging Your Way, which I took in the month of September/October. There was an optional assignment for the Blogging Your Way course to make an inspiration board for one’s own blog, meaning you make a board that you want your blog to look like or already looks like, and this is what I made.

inspiration board

I haven’t made any inspirational board since then even though I have been wanting to start one. I’m finally acting on to make notebooks or files filled with inspirations to which I can go back when I need visual inspirations.

One thing that triggered me to finally start my inspiration files is “Pinterest“. Have you heard of it? I have seen Pinterest button on one of my favorite blogs “sfgirlbybay“. I had always wondered what it was and then I learned about it in the Blogging Your Way online course. Recently I finally started pinning and I totally got hooked. Have you experienced where you encountered some pictures while reading blogs or surfing online and you wished you could keep them in one place you could go back later when you want to look at them again? Pinterest is the perfect place for this. At least in my understanding. I love looking at pictures and for me this is like an online playground. If you are interested, you can learn about it here.

If you wonder what my Pinterest board looks like, here is the glimpse of my boards.

If you would like to see more, please click the button below!

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It was relaxing to sit outside, read magazines and find pictures to get inspired even though the fashion in the photos are not suitable for the weather here. I miss the fall fashion and it was refreshing to see them in the tropics.

Friday is my usual “Friday Finds” and I plan on posting about this store “Chic Mart” that I went for the first time. It was an amazing store. I met with the manager of the store who was very sweet and took a ton of pictures. I have a lot of work to do to post about it. Wish me luck!


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    I totally second you on that it is important to often make inspiration board… I personally also have a inspiration wire over my desk but it is not enough.
    I haven’t had a look at Pinterest yet, but your post is tempting me enough… I will try to check it out today.

    I was wondering if you were going to decorate your house for Christmas… I plan to start this weekend, my girl loves it!

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    Hey lady! Magazines and a pool seem like the best day ever :) I’m always saving pictures in folders on my computer, haha.
    So, to answer your question about the fashion shows – it was definitely a very cool opportunity! I emailed the lady ‘in charge’ that was listed on the website and gave her my blog link and asked if there was an opportunity/tickets for bloggers who would like to write about the fashions in zurich. I kind of discussed that it has been great being able to read other bloggers’ accounts of fashion days in other major cities and that is great PR for the labels. She surprised me and wrote back that she could arrange tickets to any of the shows that I wanted to attend (VIP no less)! I don’t know if that would happen in cities like Paris, Rome, etc – but because it was Zurich’s first one, I think they had tickets to spare.
    Basically, I think if you just take time to ask – the worst anyone can say is no!

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    Kaho, I always feel inspired when I read your blog. you combine fashion with interior design, motherhood and great reviews on shops/restaurants.
    I heard about pinterest. but I still have yet to check it out.
    that’s a bummer that your hubby was sick on a day off from work.

    let me know how the french lemon cake turns out.
    about motivating each other on language classes ( i will ask you once in a while hey Kaho how are classes going and vice versa ok?)

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