Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo Japan ☆ サンリオピューロランド

I’m sorry I missed a post yesterday, Wednesday. I tried to finish and post it, but I simply did not have enough time to edit all the photos, create collage and write. The sleepiness won. Yes, I work on my blog at night after my kids are in bed.

Are you ready for an over dose of Sanrio character photos?



Boat Ride

Parade & Show

Did you get enough dosage of Hello Kitty and her friends here? I met up with my uncle, aunt and cousin at Sanrio Puroland during our stay in Tokyo. My girls are still at the age where they would rather go to Sanrio Puroland than Disneyland. Sanrio Puroland is significantly smaller than Disneyland, but it’s not much cheaper to go there than to Disneyland. I personally would rather go to Disneyland, but for my kids, Sanrio Puroland is a wonderland.

A good thing about Sanrio Puroland is that everything is indoors and air-conditioned, so you won’t be affected by the weather once you’re inside. It is also small enough that it is easy to get around with young kids or babies in a stroller.

Many of the attractions are geared towards young children. There are many shows and musicals your children can enjoy. They are only in Japanese, so if you don’t speak Japanese, it might not be as entertaining. The parade shows are free and they are fun. Some shows are free and some have admission charges. You may either pay for an entrance fee and buy tickets for individual show or attraction, or you may pay for the entrance fee and a one-day passport to see all the shows and attractions. Click here for the ticket prices.

Do I recommend you going here? Sure, it is a fun place for children, especially for girls. It’s a very commercially oriented entertainment center in some sense, but most amusement parks are probably like that. You can certainly find a lot of cute Sanrio goods that will eat up your money in the wallet. Watch out!!





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  1. says

    I cannot believe I missed this place when I lived in Japan! Or, did it just open? Was it there in year 99-2000?

    It’s like every girl’s dream!!

    • says

      It opened…. I don’t even remember, but maybe 10 years ago? I have to go check on their website. I think you’ll love that Sanrio land!

  2. says

    Sanrio Puroland!! It’s not just a little girl’s dream coz I’ve been there and I totally loove it (as I’m a Hello Kitty fan^^) Still remember how lovely the Kitty house was, every detail were kitty kitty kitty…hehe.
    Did you notice it too? me and my friend agreed that Sanrio Puroland must be fun for the dads too because the dancers on the shows all wear mini mini skirts & have great legs (^.-)-★ haha

    • says

      How funny you wrote that Hello Kitty land is also fro dads because I wrote about dancers in skimpy outfits and then I deleted them. Haha!!! I agree with you!! The Hello Kitty House was actually kind of cute. I thought that it was better than Mickey’s house in Disneyland. it’s a great place for Hello Kitty fans.

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    Wow! Little girls must love this place, it’s adorable! I can see why your daughters were so keen to visit. Glad to hear you’re having a great time away x

  4. says

    i have never heard of that place but i think your little cutie was one lucky girl that day!!! i hope you are doing well!! i’m on vacay and having some down time so thought i’d come say hellooo!

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    I would have loved this place when I was young! I thought going to the Sanrio store in San Francisco was a treat, but it doesn’t even compare to Sanrio Puroland!

    Kaho, I noticed you said you create collages before you post (I think that’s what you meant, anyway). What software do you use to do that? I notice that many of your posts have photo collages and I really like them, but am not sure how to create them. Thanks!

    • says

      Hi, Mia! I think you’ll love Sanrio Puroland! It’s a cuteness overdose.

      You’re correct. I do create collages before. It’s easier and faster to post, plus it saves some memory space on your blog to upload a collage with several pictures together which takes up less file space than uploading the same number of photos individually. (If this makes any sense…)

      I use two different types; Picasa and Picasa is free to download to your computer. I highly recommend it. It takes up some of your hardware space, but if it’s not the issue, it’s great. It’s super easy to create collage with it. There is a collage button, so if you highlight the photos you want to make a collage with and click on a “create collage” button, voila, you have a collage. For picnik, they offer their software for free and also paid options. I used it for free at first, but then the options offered for free were very limited and I liked the software and saw that it would be useful, so I eventually decided to pay for the software to use online for a year. I recommend it, too. It’s fun! If you have more questions, please feel free to email me or ask me here!!

    • says

      For these photos, I use Canon EOS Rebel T3. This is the name they use in the United States. The same camera in other places are called Canon EOS 1100D or Kiss X50.

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