Friday Finds ☆ San Antonio Sea World

My husband’s mom and step-dad took us to the Sea World in San Antonio during our stay. I have many fond memories from my childhood when my grandparents took us to many fun places. I am very grateful for my in-laws’ generous offer as my husband and I probably could have not taken our girls to the Sea World. We, however, did not have any expectation for them to take us anywhere. It was very sweet of them to take us, especially their grand-daughters, to so many fun places. They also took us to Rock Box in Fredericksburg, Texas which I wrote about last week and to a Circus which happened to be in town during our stay this year.

I learned that there are 3 Sea World Parks in the U.S.; San Diego, San Antonio and Orlando. Here’s a big reason for you to go visit San Antonio, don’t you think? We arrived at the Sea World in San Antonio around 11:00 a.m. and stayed there until the evening. It was a full day of fun and the girls as well as us adults enjoyed the water shows we watched. I am sorry that my photos do not convey the scale of the spectacular shows. You just have to see them in person. My photos were taken with my old camera, Canon PowerShot S3 IS.



Camera: Canon PowerShot S3IS

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    What great fun! I would love to go to Sea World with or without kids hehe! But it would be great when we have kids already… the experience will be so much more meaningful and fun! Thanks for sharing pics of your fun filled day!

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