San Antonio III – Fiesta Texas

My in-laws planned a day at Fiesta Texas in San Antonio with us during our stay. My husband and I lived in Austin for 2 and a half years at the beginning of our marriage (Austin is about an hour drive from San Antonio), but I had never stepped into Fiesta Texas until this past week. I felt like I’ve got to relive my childhood through my kids. It was a lot of fun. Since we went there with two small kids, most of the rides we did were kiddy ones that both of our girls could enjoy. It was a very hot day and we didn’t know how long we all could last, but we ended up staying at the amusement park until 5:00 p.m.

Towards the end of our day, our younger daughter, who had her hat on all day, lost her hat. It was a gift from my friend who bought it in Kyoto on her trip and I really liked it. The wind was blowing hard and it must have blown it away. As soon as we realized she lost her hat, we traced back our path, but it was nowhere to be found. I gave up and thought if it really meant to belong to us, it will come back. In the past 4 months, I had two things I thought I lost and got them back later. Very weird. I don’t know how I got so lucky. One of them was an earring, which I wrote about here on the day it happened. (My friend found the earring on her couch later. I have them with me on this trip and I still love them.) Anyways, long story short, on our way out, we stopped by at the lost and found, thinking the chance for us finding the hat there was slim. Well, as my father-in-law and I approached the lost and found booth, we saw a hat sitting on a counter. It came back to us.

Recently small things like this make my day. I hope I didn’t use up my good luck of this year since I’ve been pretty lucky with things I’ve lost in the recent past. With small kids, I’m bound to lose things. I try not to get too attached to things, but I can’t help getting very excited when I regain something I thought I had lost. We’re still traveling and my attention is very scattered. Hopefully I won’t lose anything before we’ll get to our destination, but even if I did or our girls did, it’s okay. There are more important things to worry about.


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    Hey Kaho,
    Sorry for not posting comment for a very long time… I have continued to read your blog as I have subscribed to it, but was running out of time lately… too many project going on, and the kids to look after… I am starting to wean my baby boy already, I can’t believe time is going so fast!!
    No wonder you were so tired, you have been doing so many things, packing out and visiting friends before leaving. I am glad you are having a good time with your relatives, it is very important for all of you to bond one more time before you move to Indonesia!

    I have noticed how cute your girls are, always wearing nice nice dresses! are you doing a lot of shopping for them? I have heard that in the US it is very easy and quite cheap to get good clothes for the kids (target, yeah!) and I have experienced shopping at Target in Australia, it is quite amazing. I am not shopping a lot for my kids, they do get a lot of clothes from my sister-in-laws though. And I am making dresses to my daughter time to time.
    I loooove shopping for myself and the kids but it is just too much at the moment to indulge on clothes that last only a couple of months!

    Anyways I hope everything goes well in the coming weeks, I will keep reading your posts and check out the beautiful images :)


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      Marie, thank you so much for such a nice nice comment!! It made my day! I buy my kids clothes at Target and Old Navy and sometimes at Zara and H&M. I only buy cheap clothes! I’ve got to run, so I will write more later! Sorry for cutting this so short, but thanks again for your kind words!!

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