Sakura in DC *Scenic Tour*

We went back to DC again on Saturday morning since our friends invited us to join them to go see the blossoms. Yes! It was my fourth time in a row to visit Tidal Basin for Hanami (cherry blossom viewing). We were not dressed properly for the weather as the morning was much cooler than the past two days and those of us who checked the weather forecast two days prior to it dressed up for a summer day. Sigh. The DC weather can be a little bit fickle. The sun came out in the afternoon (finally!), so it became much more pleasant later on that day, but until then, we were all freezing!!

As you probably know, one of the most popular tourist seasons for D.C. is the cherry blossom season. We saw tour buses parked along Tidal Basin and tourists everywhere in the city. The city is vibrant with the energy of the people.

We hopped on a metro with our two girls from the nearest metro stop from our place around 9:00 a.m. We got off at Foggy Bottom, the first D.C. stop on the orange or blue line from Arlington, Virginia. If you come from Virginia, Foggy Bottom is actually a good spot to get off in order to go to Tidal Basin. It’s a straight shot to the Lincoln Memorial and then to the Tidal Basin and the walk was about 10 – 15 minute long from the metro to the Lincoln Memorial with a 5-year-old.

We met our friends and their two daughters in front of the Lincoln Memorial. The girls wanted to check out the Memorial, so we did that first. Then our friends and we headed to the FDR Memorial to see the cherry blossoms. Why FDR Memorial? It is the least crowded area with the bathrooms (not porta-potties). For a little more information please check here.

We made our way towards downtown D.C. by walking clockwise on the west side of Tidal Basin. We were all about less crowded areas. We walked towards Northeast crossing the monument.

We saw this group yoga session as we were walking by the Washington Monument.

This was the biggest group doing yoga I have ever seen. What a great idea to do yoga on a gorgeous spring day by the cherry blossoms. Sounds so peaceful.

We headed to Teaism at Penn Quarter for lunch. I’ve been to the restaurant when we lived in Arlington 7 years ago. Teaism is an Asian-inspired teahouse style cafe that serves meals as well as tea. The prices are quite reasonable.

I ordered Handroll Bentobox. It was a bit pricier than other bentoboxes considering how much food you get in a box, but it was yummy. With this bentobox, you make your own hand rolls.

Our friends offered their tempura dish to share with us. We, the hyenas, were not shy about getting some of their tempuras… Sorry! We liked it.

We walked from the restaurant to the closest orange and blue line metro stop “Federal Triangle”. We walked by the Old Post Office Pavilion on Pennsylvania on our way to the metro stop. The exterior of the building was gorgeous.

I loved the fact that not only had we had a chance to see the blossoms, but also we had a chance to walk around the city. I hope the above info. would be somewhat helpful to some future visitors.

My younger daughter has been wearing this hat my friend bought for her in Kyoto. Thanks, Kelly! I love the cute fabric! My daughter’s head has grown, so it’s a bit tight on her, but she’s not complaining, which means that she’ll still wear it!



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